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  1. Hi there, I've just had a new stadium created, and am trying to rename it using the standard method without the editor and adding a lnc file to the db folder. I've doubled checked everything, ID number, and the correct DB for my save file. Cleared cache. But no matter what I try it appears not to work? I must note that I do have some custom DBs loaded (realistic languages and derbies etc.) Would this be the reason its not working? Can anyone think of any other reasons why it wont work? Thanks!
  2. Seriously don't know what happened in this patch but it feels just like FM20 again. People can say the ME wasn't changed, but with all the plain inaccurate CCCs being registered (and all being missed), long balls over the top catching me out (which didn't seem to be an issue in the previous patches) and the eternal problem of short throw ins. Was enjoying the match engine more or less since the release. Took a break after Christmas and came back once I saw the update, defo don't think I'll be playing this version again!
  3. Been seeing this constantly as well. It's been steadily getting worse with each patch too. You put so much time and effort into tweaking tactics, but that all goes out the window when the opposition (or you) get one.
  4. It's for Red Star as well! In my case the issue is slightly different though. My stadium was changed to Stade Pierre Brison (Beauvais) when I got promoted into Ligue 2. I played my home league games there from then on. But in my club info tab it says I should be playing in Stade Jean-Bouin (next to Parc De Princes IRL). This is the case for European games and friendly games and this has been the situation since I got promoted to Ligue 1 and subsequently qualified for Europe. But league games are still in Pierre Brison which itself is in poor condition. I thought that maybe building
  5. Any way this issue can be fixed? Having a similar problem in my save where we are supposed to move stadium but don't! Really kills the immersion and progress for me as well!
  6. Was just about to post this issue. Having the exact same problem and really kills the immersion when you play in different stadiums
  7. Was this even fixed? Literally 80% of my goals come from this exact situation on every save with any tactic
  8. Hey there, I am looking for help with this tactic. It worked for a previous team in the Scottish Premiership where I won 3 league titles with Hibernian. And it has worked on previous saves in the new beta. Ever since I moved to the Bundesliga, the main issue from what I can see is I keep losing possession and my team is constantly giving the ball away recklessly. I can't seem to get a consistent way of scoring goals either, apart from set pieces. Every team no matter who I play just seems to pass the ball around effortlessly, and despite some wins and overall good league position, e
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