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  1. Time 451 looks impressive! Assuming VF means venom and faith i think it will be the venom and faith 4132
  2. Was just looking on a certain tactic testing website, all the top tactics are 4-1-3-2-0 with Darkside of the moon being your top rated.. I may well be wrong!
  3. I hate how strikerless is the best again..... feels like you're exploiting the match engine, sad times.
  4. Sometimes it just clicks..... 6-0 in 33 mins! Using warrior 442 just put mentality on cautious for the game against Real Madrid.
  5. are the new warrior tactics tweaked to be better than the 442 or just for different players? I guess the 4141 is the SUS version? Cheers!
  6. it doesnt matter too much if they cant tackle then? heh I see, I guess the stars just set off my OCD! Thanks a lot!
  7. Enjoying tea for one BWM, HolyGhostfire Treq and pilgrimage most right now.... cant for the life of me get IWB working well.... defensive wingers are hard to find too. Pilgrimage is best tactics with WB and wingers right? much love <3
  8. Anyone come up with a tweak to use when playing against Liverpool? I'm on retail with Arsenal using Raptorv4 and dominating the league but get knocked out of Europe by liverpool seeming to score every other shot every year. Any thoughts would be welcome!
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