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  1. @Francis Mooney indeed, it worked - Interesting that I haven't used any other skin etc but was clean installation.. thanks for for the help!
  2. Didn't spend great deal of time with FM21, so you might be right - and agree that FM20 seemed really fast (much faster than 19, that's for sure). It sad that if it is degraded again in FM21..
  3. Speaking of my own experience and observation; starting with FM20, the game is as buggy as hell. I enjoyed FM19 a lot, spent quite some hours on it (still doing so), and was quite excited about FM20 - especially that the game UI is much faster, they introduced few nice features like those you mention.. But, I found soo many bugs - and not talking about opinionated/arguable stuff like ME, but fundamental functionalities, like; broken staff responsibilities, simple checkboxes won't work, missing options etc - that made the gameplay an annoying experience to me. And what made even more
  4. 1st. sounds similar to what was reported here ..and no response yet.
  5. :facepalm: The game (since FM20) is sooo buggy that I lost my hope that it would ever be stable - unless a complete revamping.
  6. And not only for custom views but same for any other views than "Overview": - select any view - click to a player / change screen - go back: it is changed to "Overview" (default)
  7. Same here; it won't remember the view you selected, but always puts it back to "Overview". Reeeally annoying when you want to go though players in the list...
  8. Are you guys sure this is not about the staff responsibilities settings - eg. your assistant manager might be responsible for setting up individual trainings? (If not, obviously a serious gameplay bug)
  9. I'm dissapointed if this is still the case... An issue since FM19: too many wonderkids, high-quality players after a few years. Here is the same thing reported and was "under review" @Kyle Brown any updates?
  10. Are you sure? What happens when you play in PL-CL-Carabao-FA(+World Club) - I don't think 2 games in a week is a possibility.
  11. I would love to hear a confirmation from SI staff: my guess is that, they indeed get trained full-time, considering that the schedule becomes full-time, and sessions are per team - so I don't think you have to give them professional contracts.
  12. Could very well be the game setup; that makes the difference eg. I usually have 5 top leagues (+ all English lower leagues) as playable, and nothing else. What makes me suprise is that the community/enthusiasts are the ones doing such investigation/detailed analysis work to understand the youth behaviour / the impact of the game version changes on long-term, but not SI.. I guess this is because LLM/long-term game players are never the main target/audience for them.
  13. @Daveincid I suffer the very same in FM19; too many good/high-class players in the game after 10 years (so I guess the game logic didn't change since then..) - but I did not know that things such as youth-ratings and injuries are customizable - can you pls elaborate how you do it / share links if they are public?
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