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  1. Oh. I was just about to reply again if no-one in SI aware of why this option has gone (the answer is obviously yes, I guess they don't implement/practice any QA automation over there)... Thanks for pointing this out! @Francis Mooney, so yes, it is a bug..
  2. Hi @Francis Mooney, I am not looking for the "Set Guidelines" option (the screenshot I shared above is the set guidelines screen). What I am asking for is the team filters option (checkboxes that can be used to limit the selection to U18/U23) that is missing from the "Set Guidelines" screen. (If it is still not clear I can try to get a screenshot from earlier versions of FM where this option was available)
  3. Thank you for following up on this @Francis Mooney, looking forward to hear the outcome.
  4. I will try, thanks for suggestion! Actually that would simply override all ads images, hence nothing to display, no? My goal is to remove league/country (eg. Vanarama League) specific images that comes by default.
  5. Does anyone know how can I achieve the same for ads? Seems like the way FM loads the ads images is different than for other graphics (logos, kits etc); as there is no any config file under its folder - so even if I delete all league-specific ad images, they will keep appearing.
  6. @janrzm well, that's what I literally did this year, and look at how many issues I have created within last week... I am amazed how they broke things that has been perfectly working fine in FM19, so I don't know anymore; maybe I will play the Beta and try to report issues asap, hoping that they would be fixed until last patch.. Only thing is that, some of those issues apparently got introduced after certain patches From what I see, testing automation/QA processes in SI need serious improvements. PS. and I must mention that, I have zero problems with the ME; it is hard thing to perfectly implement and make everybody happy with - and it was always fun for me to play. So my whole point is about features that are not functioning as they are supposed to.
  7. In FM19 I often used "Pick using guidelines" option whose in settings I was able to limit the selection to players from U23/18 teams only - so a very handy option to replace unavailable first team players with youngsters to develop. Now this option seems to be gone (pls see attached screenshot) - I hope that this is not a "feature" came along with new version, but just a bug!
  8. @Michael Mallia, on that one, with unchecked I meant "Never" option from dropdown is selected (pls see screenshot) - and I kept getting messages about this. I uploaded the file as staff_responsibilities_bugs.fm. Please let me know if you need anything further, and thank you for looking into this - I hope that all these get fixed with a new patch, without having have to wait for FM21!
  9. It is not about having it as separate affiliate; same happens on typical U18 team. ~ @Michael Mallia @Neil Brock @FrazT Same bug for "Ask for first team player availability" (although I have it unchecked I keep getting emails every week), and same for "Team manager arranges friendlies" (My U18 manager keeps arranging friendlies when it is unchecked), and same for "Receive training emails" (well on this one, I have it enabled, but I won't receive any emails about). U23/18 responsibilities are quite off... I guess changes introduced along with Development Center has messed it up, because all of these were working perfectly fine in FM19.
  10. Responsibilities on u23/18 almost completely broken (which was totally working fine in FM 19), and nothing fixed until now, unbelievable... The same is reported over here, but no update over there as well: https://community.sigames.com/topic/521235-training-emails-for-b-team/
  11. Same here; although I have less trialists, it won't allow saying that max 30 allowed. I think, this bug is related to amount of offers you make at once; if more than 30 offered at the same time, this happens.
  12. Any updates on this? This was working perfectly fine in FM19, and not fixed although reported in November...
  13. Not really, same for Hendon as well.
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