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  1. After 3 seasons getting bigger and bigger, my team is starting to lose some games, and getting so many draws (0-0). My striker is good, it was the third pichichi last year and it fits into the filters, but he does not score. Maybe it is because I was considered as an underdog... The first year I was in the second division, the second year I won only the domestic cup, and the third season I won the league and the cup. But in this season I do not score so much goals, being my team far better than before....
  2. Does it happen to you that if you put for instance Cerber, fury and Shield Wall and you tick on your second team "play with first team tactics" they use a tactic that is not the first one??? I dunno why my second team only plays with shield wall and they get 0-0s all the time. By cons my under 19 are doing great with Cerber, winning everything.
  3. Yesterday I got promoted with Albacete (14th predicted I think but not sure, in Spain's 2nd Division) being subchampion of the league using the combo Bloodlust-Executioner and conceding few goals per game. Nice work! Now I don't now how to affront next year, because I cannot compete against the teams that are in the first division, but I will try to do my best! I will buy the best players I can using the filters although my budget is about 7 millions and nobody will want to come here. I will try loans as well. I will post my results here at the end of this appasionate year to come.
  4. Hi TFF! What about the filters? Cause I think that the roles and position for the back defenders (carrileros? Im sorry i dunno the positions in English) is different now, being them more attacking (Instead of lateral defenders they are now carrileros is what I mean)
  5. Im sorry if it was answered before, but I have downloaded the beta public version and I have got the tactics for that version. My question is, are the filters the same as in the other tactics? Because the two filters to find new players are called Raptor and Predator
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