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  1. One thing that works for me is to do a league comparison of my club players, compared to the rest of the league. You'll notice that in Lower League, the highest attributes might be between 10 - 12. If I were in your shoes, I would use the same filters that TFF uses, but lower ideal attribute number by what's considered "best attribute numbers in the league". Also, on the OP, TFF has a guideline for filtering players - just use lower attribute numbers relevant for the league you play in
  2. Cape Town City FC - League Expectation: 4th I selected my first team and went on holiday mode - simmed the season. Won the local cup competition, and the South African Premiership. Used Bloodlust only.
  3. @Totalfootballfan Hey - stupid question, but why are the wing backs pushed up to wing back positions instead of a flat back four In Cerber/Ashbringer?
  4. Because the Complete Forward training hits a lot of attributes
  5. @Totalfootballfan Do you toy with your team instructions/mentality during a match or do you leave everything as is?
  6. I like that. I find that changing to a 4 1 4 1 or 4 4 1 1 is quite effective on cautious mentality. More often than not, the AI will attempt to go for a goal in the last few minutes, this normally leaves them exposed at the back and get punished by a AF making a run due to a DLP/BPD/W(A) supplying a through ball. My only losses this season so far was because of red card send off, early in the first half. I've been using BEOWULF442. By the way - do you ever remove the "pass into space/work ball into box" instruction during a game? Rashidi from BustTheNet frequently outplay AI teams
  7. @knap Do you create your own CTRL / SUS tactics - or do you just use the guidelines provided by mentality matters? I downloaded TFF's Timewasting tactic for the SUS period to seal close games.
  8. Yeah I agree with Knap here. I don't remember what tactic I'm using - I think its Wulf442Balanced. Last night I played 3 matches on key highlights, pausing the game at minutes 15, 40, 60, 70, 75, 85 using the rough guidelines of Mentality Matters. My team is suffering from lots of injuries to key players, but I still managed to win the cup final 1 - 0, and from 2 league games, won one, and drew the other. I didn't expect to win the final, and thought I was going to lose both league games - mostly because of all the injuries.
  9. You get a red card early in the game - what do you do? (other than making an appropriate substitution where needed)
  10. So I'm running a fairly basic 442. In one of the matches last night, I was expected to win, but got a red card handed to my right back... With only 2 minutes gone in the first half. Questions: 1) Do I take one of the strikers to the right back position, and sub the striker for right back off the bench? This seems like the most sensible approach. 2) Getting a red card this early - do you sit back and defend in this case or do you keep the system the same? What is the general consensus about red cards? I haven't been a football supporter for a long time and still learning the
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