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  1. I think your missing the point here a bit. To quote a comment here A) Watching a set of live decisions made as that highlight happens B) Watching a highlight happen that has just been decided (e.g. it calculates second by second but in advance so knows what you are watching is a 'key' highlight) C) Watching a highlight that the ME has calculated will happen before the game kicks off (albeit a big complex calculation based on all the complexities of the game and assuming no intervention) So it is C. Yes it checks and calculates but it's not A nor B which woul
  2. Well that is the question isn't it. Is it checking every second that a AI or player decision has been made to, I quote ''forcing the remainder of the match to be run again with your changes included'' to change te pre-calculated scenario? Or is it simulating every second, every move, attributes etc etc just a little bit before. So your more watching a 'delay real-time simulation'. For me it looks like the engine calculated lets say the first half, it checks on AI(manager) or Player changes. Let's say none of those would occur, the scenario calculated before would play out as it is. The th
  3. It might not be an issue for you or anyone else, it just bothers me that the game is already calculated. To be honest, even the fact that the events are already calculated wouldn't mind me as much if the engine would keep calculating with different outcomes, that way you would come close to real-time simulation. I get it that in today's technology the complete live simulation would not be possible but if calculation is being made just a couple times based on a few options u have as AI or players doesn't come close to real-time simulation for me.
  4. That is basically the point I was trying to make. The simulation calculates the match and shows you a replay of it's calculation rather then showing u the simulation in real-time or near real-time. It loses some immersiveness for me to the game for some reason. Yes the outcome can still change so the game isn't fully 'scripted' but it isn't a real-time simulation (LIVE) neither.
  5. Let me explain in different manner. Scripted might not be the correct word to use in here since many elements can still change the outcome, but, the moment I get to see a highlight, the highlight is a replay of the calculation that already happened, am I right? It is not being calulated live while I am watching the highlight.
  6. But those will remain pre-calculations rather then a live calculation of the player doing things at that very moment, if I make sense. Doesn't matter how many re-calculations the match will have, the fact remains it's not a 'LIVE' presentation of the calculations the player makes in certain situations. For one example if a player shoots at goal it's already calculated what will happen and not calculated on the spot, am I right?
  7. This pretty much asnwers my question. It is scripted until a change like shout or tactical change is made then it will re-calculate the outcome. So in a way you can change the outcome potentially but if you were to stay passive you would be watching a pre-calculated (scripted) match rather then a live view of the simulation.
  8. I am really enjoying this game, currently playing Football Manager 2019. It gets me really immersed into the game. There is one thing that bothers me a little bit though. I have my games set-up as 'Extended Highlights' and was hoping I was watching a real-time simulation and player decisions rather then a pre-scripted 1th or 2nd half. I don't know why it bothers me so much but could anyone give some clarity on this? Is it real-time simulation? Or a pre-calculated simulation? If it is a real-time simulation how does the game know that a highlight will be coming up if it isn't pre-calculated bef
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