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  1. As other users had and will repeatedly mention - players do not play in isolation. Football is a team game. For example, if your DLP being a playmaker role, has no other players in space and available for a pass. His passes will very likely get intercepted, resort to passing back to the keeper, or not pass at all. This may result in his low match ratings. Hope this helps in your tactic creation.
  2. As shown in your latest setup, I think you now better understand the idea of using pivots. Kudos to @pheelf for the explanation. The CMde and BWMde are now acting as your pivots to hold the team formation and shape together during transition and attacking.
  3. This screen alone is pretty self-explanatory. The reddish squares on your MCL and MCR clearly indicate there are issues with their roles and duties. It is obvious there is no player playing as a pivot in your 4231, which essentially is a 2 pivot formation. IMHO your whole setup is rather unbalanced too. Hope this helps you to understand what is wrong. Many a times, the game does tell us where the flaws are if we know where to look.
  4. If I understand your post correctly, you wish to play low pressing urgency on a high/mid defensive block. I'm afraid this is going to be very challenging. Because IMHO this will lead to opponents often overrunning your defensive line with counterattacks and over the top balls from deep.
  5. Keep up the good work! DLPde is a good choice at DM, I am just curious on your decision to use DLPde instead of HBde or REGsu? I am guessing it is to keep the players in a strict 2-3-5 formation during attack.
  6. Player Preferred Moves. Or also known as Player Traits.
  7. I have tested and found that all the preset tactics do work. Problem is they require suitable (actually very capable) players to make them work. Arguably, some users believe that having good players can produce results in any tactic. My testings have shown otherwise but that is another can of worms up for separate discussion. My findings are that without suitable players to fit the specific roles/duties/instructions in the preset tactics, they fail to produce good results. Especially the individual PPMs, they tend to mess things up quite a bit. Hence it becomes easier to create our own tactics to suit existing players in the team. However, creating good tactics from a clean slate to produce results in FM20 can be rather challenging for some. Nonetheless, both preset and clean slate options are good ways to learn the beautiful game.
  8. I used Balanced mentality only because your original setup was on Balanced. Every mentality can play possession football, it all depends on how the tactic is setup. Mentality is merely how much risk the team or player is told to take or avoid. Less risk on defensive mentality, more risk on attacking mentality, and respectively in between. Most importantly, different mentalities require the players' roles/duties/instructions to be setup differently if you wish to achieve results. Yup. Yes you got half the concept right. The respective positions and movements that the other players will take according to their roles/duties/instructions are important too. And this is why your 2 latest setups are still not performing optimally. Hope this clarifies and help your tactic creations.
  9. Keeping the above setup intact as much as possible, I suggest trying the following changes (Balanced mentality only) to improve on your overall offence and defence: Add player instructions pressing intensity more urgent to AML, AMC, AMR, STC If you must have a playmaker (I understand many users are obsessed with playmakers, and must have at least one or more for some reason), change AMC AMsu to APsu Contrary to the beliefs of many other users, I do not feel that the AMC position is flawed or impossible to play well. It feels more difficult to make it work because it is very important to create space and have suitable player roles/duties around the AMC. Compared to other FM versions prior to FM20, it is absolutely less forgiving than other positions when not implemented well. Hence leading to the frustrations of many users with the 4231. Hope this helps.
  10. This is because DLP drops deeper while the MEZat goes wider and surges forward. This creates space allowing the DLP to do his playmaking thing. You can also use MEZsu instead of MEZat to keep him closer to midfield, however this may blunt your offence. In this case, you may choose to change AMR Wsu to Wat. However it may throw the balance of the right flank off and require adjusting the role/duty/instructions of your RB, CMR, and DM. There are many ways to skin the same cat, you can also choose to change the DM HBde to DMde to help occupy the space vacated by the MEZat. But again to balance the setup, changes to other players will be required. We can also use a CMat instead of MEZat, so on and so forth. All these are merely changes to player roles/duty only, we are not even considering changes to team mentality, formation, instructions to achieve how we want the team to play. Thus, as you (and I hope other users too) will realize, setting up a tactic is about getting all 11 players to play cohesively together. I have seen too many users approach their tactics one player at a time trying to shoehorn their players into specific roles/duty. Sidetracked for a bit, I hope this helps you in your tactics creation.
  11. As different position/role/duty occupy and move differently on the pitch, the changes aim to create space for each position to link up effectively during the 3 phases of play, ie defence, transition, offence.
  12. By keeping your above setup intact as much as possible, I suggest trying the following tweaks: Add player instructions pressing intensity more urgent to STC, AML, AMR Hope this helps.
  13. Based on your above setup and making as few changes as possible, I suggest trying the following changes: Add player instructions more urgent pressing intensity to STC, AML, AMR, MCR If still find difficulty in scoring, change either F9 to DLFat, or IFsu back to IFat If RB is not competent enough to play IWBsu, change to FBsu instead Hope this helps.
  14. Seeing how exasperated you are, based on the above screenshot of your setup and keeping it as similar as possible, I suggest making the following changes and see if there is any improvement: Add player instructions pressing intensity more urgent to AML, STC, and AMR. Hope this helps.
  15. IMHO a DLP works great at initiating counter attacks, when allowed to launch long passes upfield from deep (DM strata).
  16. Have you tried using AF instead. Hope this helps.
  17. Food for thought - Try playing some other role in that position instead of a DLP.
  18. Your tactic shows the MEZsu, IWsu, AMsu, IFsu, and PFat all attacking the same space (middle of pitch AM strata). This is highlighted in your screenshot with the bright green squares. This makes it easy for opponents to defend and crowd your players out. Playing narrow will make it worse. If you watch the matches in full, you will see the players frequently running into each other. My advice is to imagine each player's position during the attacking phase and position them (using roles/duties) with sufficient passing lanes to one another. Hope this helps.
  19. I have achieved such a defensive strategy before using ONLY: Balanced mentality Counterpress Higher LOE Much higher DL Extremely urgent pressing Use offside trap However it only works with very good players on well sort out roles and duties. In short, possible but not easy.
  20. IMHO APsu can be used to play counter attacking football. Your setup is playing at higher tempo, the APsu himself should not slow down play. Bear in mind the rest of the setup, including the role/duty/position/movement of other players around him, also play their part. Just my 2 cents.
  21. By enabling be more expressive, IMHO roam from position on F9 becomes unnecessary. In this setup, IMHO implementing split block pressing helps to keep the defensive shape better than counter-press, especially on positive mentality. The idea is to have only the front players actively pressing the opponent instead of the whole team.
  22. By keeping your setup intact as much as possible, I'd begin by trying the following tweaks: Remove roam from position on F9 Implement split block pressing on STCL, STCR, AMC, MCR Hope this helps.
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