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  1. I thought of both but maybe midfielders need to have a mix of both offensive and defensive attributes, as they need to contribute in every phase. I read of it in other topics around here. It looks interesting, so i would try to implement it with Man Utd, maybe with a 41221. Thanks everyone for the advices, not only about tactics but also about player selection and attributes. I could not think of anything that make sense before, but now i understand everything a little bit more. Now i will try these things in game and see how it goes.
  2. I have a few questions, just to be sure i understand everything: About the attributes of other players, i think they need to be really good in: tackling, position, anticipation, composure, strength and work rate. Did i miss something? DL as IWB(de) is to give stability on the left flank? I don't think the IF(at) can help much during the defensive phase. Sit narrower PI on AMR is to allow an easier overlap on the right? Normally i use counter-press against weaker sides, and only if i'm losing. Am i wrong? If not this style of football, what style would you use with Man Utd? I thought of counter-attack, but i could struggle against weaker sides.
  3. Yes, i would like a concrete example. I thought that Man Utd could implement this kind of football, but to be honest i was more interested in how to implement it first, before finding the right players. What kind of attributes do players need to play fast attacking football? I can think of pace, stamina, off the ball, technique, dribbling and passing. Maybe decision and vision. Thanks for your advices, expecially thouse about De Gea and the midfield. Usually i play Pogba as DLP, but i was not sure of that. He has many attributes that could go waste if i played him in that position. Before looking for a 4231 i thought of a 4411 to be more solid in the defense phase, but since i always used that in the past years, i tried to change a bit, but maybe it's more suited to Man Utd.
  4. Hello everyone, i'm playing as Manchester United and i'm trying to create a tactic about fast attacking football. Here is what i thought: I'm not really sure about everything, so i tried to not use many TIs, but what puzzles me is how to setup roles and duties. I went for a CM(d) to give some cover to the defenders and a DLP(s) to give some help during the attacking phase. I've tried to make some difference between the flanks, but the the right flank does not convince me. I thought about a IW/IF paired with a FB, but then it will be to similar to the left flank, making my attack more prevedible. About the AMC, i did not have much fortune the last years. I don't really understand what role and duty is better to make him contribute more, both in terms of assists and goals. I thought of a shadow striker, but i do not think this does not pair well with the AF. Sorry for any grammar mistake, english is not my main language, so i hope you understand anyway. Thanks in advance.
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