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  1. Very simple : I play SM Caen and i'm currently at the beginning of 2024-2025 season. Currently 5th french team regarding reputation. My B team however has yet to join N2 championship. Yes, N2 is activated. But I wonder why my B team doesnt get promoted. I forced, via in game editor, its reputation (fixing it just below my A team). Thought it would work but no. Is there a way to force it another way ?
  2. And I noticed that U19 players sometimes play in those games
  3. Hi, got an issue with second team of SM Caen. As SM Caen 2 isn't included in National 2 championship, I manually have to organize friendly games, usually the day after the first team plays. Here's the calendar : Now with a report of one of my player, using 'SM Caen 2' and 'All competitions' : You can cleary see a problem with Nordhausen or Real Pilar ... And when I look more closely, I can choose 'National 3 - Normandie' in the competition list, and if I do so, I only see the games that do not show up in the calendar ... What's going on ? Thank you I play on beta with no mods (only a skin)
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