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  1. I think I am nearly there with the Formation in terms of playing style. It may not be what was suggested, but seems to be working and getting good results 4 games in although no elite teams played yet. Below is the Team instructions, Formation (with Roles) and players I have used in those positions so far. On the wide men....I did ideally want Pulisic as an IF(A) ideally (so Werner can back him up) but neither seem to play that IF (A) role very well,.. unless its to do with the striker? IW (A) is suiting him so far, hence the line-up below. However, I wonder if I am playing the corr
  2. So I tried this recommendation...it is aweful! I ran through pre-season to learn tactic and gel as a team, plus 2 games into the season against Burnley (0-0 draw at home) and Southampton (1-1 draw away). Left winger (Pulisic / Werner / CHO) all have very low ratings, 6.4 or 6.5 mainly. Havertz does NOTHING. His ratings are around 6.5 also as the suggested Mezzala (tried on both right and left) The strikers used so far (Werner / Abraham) are terrible, only 3 goals between then in all games and 4 games in pre-season were against low rep opposition). erm........
  3. I am guessing this setup needs a support role behind that inside forward so Kante/Kessie definitely on the left instead of the Mezzala on the left. Would you have the DLP(d) in the DM position or have Kante there as a DM(d) and have a DLP(s) next to the Mezzalla? If the latter, would it be better then to have the AML Inside forward on attack? Finally, any reason you swapped the centre back pairing?
  4. Looks a good solution at 4-2-3-1 although I dont think Mount is defensively sound enough to form the pivot. This could be a role for Jorginho/Kovacic though as a DLP on Support. What roles would you assign to the above?
  5. Please bare with me, I am a bit of a rookie at Football Manager. I am about to start a new Chelsea save and want to primarily play a "4-1-4-1 Wide" with a "4-2-3-1" alternative formation. The style of play and objectives are to; - Control the possession with quick passing. - Utilise pace and skill of wingers (Pulisic, Ziyech, Hudson-Odoi) to create/score. - Utilise attacking qualities of Full Backs (Chillwell / James) to support attack. - Balance the CM with current options available (Kovacic / Kante / Jorginho + Havertz / Mount) Set out as below, I have str
  6. Really appreciate the feedback, thanks for taking the time. Two last questions if that is ok please? Firstly, Is there any unwritten rules so to speak about the 'balance' you mention? By that I mean "You need one of this type, one of this type and one of this type in your 3 man midfield". For example, the great Barcelona midfield had Busquets (HB - D) in the DMC Position with Xavi (DLP - S) and Iniesta (AP - A) in the CM Positions. A defensive player, a holding midfielder and a more forward thinking midfielder. I would like to think "I need this type of player in DMC, this type of pl
  7. See attached for Barkley's profile See attached for Ziyech's profile No, I am saying that Kante is nailed on for that RCM spot (as BBM or BWM). But, when he is unavailable, what role can replace that role he occupies without causing an issue. For instance, If I have a Mez (A) in LCM, what roles can compliment that considering my Centre Midfielders I have available (I have attached screenshots of Kante, Mount, RLC, Kovacic, Van Ginkel & Barkley) I also uploaded Wingers for role comparison to what we have discussed I completely get that,
  8. I think this is close on the Left side to be honest so thank you for that. I could have Mount / RLC rotating in that LCM role long term as they are young enough to lock that position down between them. RLC Traits are "Runs with ball through Centre" + "Tries to play way out of trouble" so I am guessing this means he would be a ball carrier. Mount Traits are "Arrives late in opposition area" + "Curls ball" so he would be that goalscorer as opposed to a ball carrier. I could even play Barkley here as the Mez (A) I am guessing? Now the Right Side of the team. Presu
  9. I want Tammy to be one of the main sources of Goals here as he is for Chelsea in Reality. Perhaps a DLF (A) would achieve this? Although, it will take some training as FM 2020 sees him as a PF/AF Regarding the Playmaker situation, I think for sure Jorginho would play a DLP (D) here in the DMC Position. This way he can dictate the play from deep. I semi-understand what you are saying about the AP role being in conflict although not unheard of. For this style of play, the only other way I can think of here is to have the LCM as a Mezzala which Kovacic and Mount can both play. However, I did
  10. So would you suggest a change in CM role or having the Left Back at WB (S) with the Left Winger on IW (A) ? In reality, I do see Chelsea having that Left Back go forward (Alonso / Emerson) with the Left Winger cutting inside (CHO / Pulisic / Pedro) whilst Mount, usually in the LCM position gets forward to score goals. I guess that's what I was going for although I have no idea how to play Mount here whilst getting Kante and Kovacic / Jorginho in the team. Mount is the future of that midfield IMO. Regarding the mentality, I am toying with either Positive or Balanced. Not too atta
  11. Please bare with me, I am a bit of a rookie at Football Manager. I am about to start a new Chelsea save and want to play a 'Positive' 4-1-4-1 Wide with the formation below Roles and Team Instructions: In Possession:- Shorter Passing, Play Out of Defence, Low Crosses, Work Ball into Box, Higher Tempo, Focus Play Through the Middle In Transition:- Take Short Kicks, Distribute to Playmaker, Counter, Counter Press, Out of Possession:- Higher D Line, Higher LoE, More Urgent, Prevent GK Distribution PF (A)
  12. I took the advice of the changes....terrible! Unbeaten all season and lost 4-0 away to Lyon in the next game...shocking
  13. I took the advice of the changes....terrible! Unbeaten all season and lost 4-0 away to Lyon in the next game...shocking
  14. Would I have a WB(S) Behind a W(A) like the following? Inverted Winger would be a left footer and Winger would be a right footer. I have tried a Winger there before but scrapped it as the ratings were again low, sometimes with a 0% cross completion. CF (A) IF (S) IW(A) / W(A) DLP(S) MEZ(S) DM(D) WB(A) BPD(D) CD(D) WB(S) SK(D) And this above with the following Team Instructions? In Possession:- Short Passing, Play Out of D
  15. In reality, This is how I see Chelsea playing and how I want to replicate. I imagine this is why they bought Ziyech (arriving in the summer), as the AMR with the left foot to cut inside and shoot or play through ball option. Striker: The CF drops deep to link up play and runs the line when the midfield/wingers have the ball. He collects the ball and lays short or looks wide. He can take on players and go himself, or can arrive late in the box for a cross. Wingers: With the ball, the wide players both collect the ball to feet and run inside with it to drag defenders inside or link wit
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