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  1. Thx. But I don't understand what this "active" leagues mean. Does it just mean leagues I can manage teams in? Because I search up players from leagues I haven't "active" and a lot of them don't appear. i.e. cheap wonderkids from leagues such in Brazil/Argentina, they don't appear.
  2. So I won't have teams getting promoted to the Bundesliga in the current season I'm in??
  3. Hi I was wondering is it possible to make other leagues ''Active'' after you have started up a save file or do you have to start a completely new save file? I was starting up a save file with Besiktas, in my second season I manage to get the manager job at Schalke 04. I thought it would be cool to make the Bundesliga 2 active so it will make the game feel more realistic, by that I mean having new teams getting promoted and having more teams in the cup games. When I started up the save file I chose to have the following leagues ''active'' Turkey (Süper Lig, League 1 and 2)
  4. Hi In my Besiktas save file the player named ''Emre Demir'' isn't showing up. In fact he isn't on his current team in real life (Kayserispor). Is he in the game or not?? I have tried to search him up on the internet, what I have found is that since he was 15 when the game came therefor he isn't in the game, but that doesn't make any sense since there is other 15 year olds in the game. So why isn't Emre Demir in the game!? >:( This is really stupid for me personally, because I want to have Turkish wonderkids in my team and Emre is a player who is really exciting in real
  5. Might have to think about that one tbh. Thank you for taking your time to help me out
  6. Does that effect my save file, like i.e. do I have to start the game over again? Can I like just go to preferences and load the croatian league up and continue from there? Because I have reached the January transfer window and it would be kinda dull if I have to start from scratch
  7. Hi I started on my current Besiktas save file a couple of days ago, I started to realize that a certain wonderkid Ajdin Hasic is not showing up when I search him up. He plays for Besiktas in real life and has just signed a new contract today(31/1/2020). When I go to websites like fmdataba.com it says he is a Besiktas player, even has his player face on their site, yet I can't find him on my save file. He is not appearing in the senior squad nor in the under 19s. What am I doing wrong here? Ignore the quote thing underneath, I have no idea have to get rid of it
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