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  1. Yes but I doubt they would do the same during mid season. Because it is practically saying we don’t care about the champions league. I don’t mind when it happens pre-season since I have time to prepare the team but selling multiple key players in the middle of the season is killing the team. Besides I don’t complain about 60-70 M transfers because it is really extreme amount of money. But 40 M is not enough to replace the players especially in mid season because you don’t have enough time to scout or unsettle player. That is why I think that this mechanic should be improved. I am already supporting the boards decision when the received money is enough to invest in new players but sometimes the club actually getting a bad bargain but the ai is not clever enough to see it. There should be some sort of additional options we can use like leaking to press and making fans to force the board to back down. You can protest but only for once and it is not helpful when 15 team showing major interest to your player. So the problem becomes unavoidable when you have a wonderkid on top form with 5 star ca.
  2. Haha that’s what I did actually 😄 Took charge of the club when they were relagated. We became champions three out of four seasons after first year promotion. We played semi final in the champions league and missed the final with a last minute goal. Normally we should have been talking about whether my statue is going to be gold or silver but I decided to resign and stopped playing completely after few hours. But I believe the same thing will happen will any club in the same stature. It would have been better if the developers just improve the algorithm.
  3. Well I am okay if the board is actually making some sort of risk assesment but to me it seems that their logic is simple. Sell the player if the offer is high. And there is no limit. They could sell 2-3 players mid season. But like I said it is okay if there is some sort of financial issue even in the year end projection. But what’s the point if they are going to add all the money to transfer budget? I can spend that money in a worst way possible. So they are actually taking a huge risk. And that is what I am trying to explain. The logic is flawed and it needs to be improved. I see a lot of people in this type of posts defending every aspect of the game like their family name. But there are flaws in this game and it will stay the same if someone won’t complain.
  4. Thank you for clarifying but if any board does the things I mentioned in my post they would get burned on a stake by the fans. I believe I was clear on where the board acts natural. However, they don’t have the sense of a growing team. Why would you sell a player last hour of mid season transfer window while you don’t even need money. They sold my future CR7 for 76M. It was annoying but okay. No one would reject that amount of money. But why would you sell another one for 40 next week? Plus the club has maxed the facilities. So what are we going to do with this money? Don’t you think a board should start dreaming more? Am I the person who needs to become the best against the board that sabotages the team? If you think it’s realistic then where are the fans who backs me up against the board? I wanna see them gather in front of the corporate building and protest the board That’s what would happen in real life
  5. Yes but it’s 2029 and I played semi final in the champions league and then become top 20 european club and the turkey is on top 6 in the qualification places. And if you think 38M is actually a high transfer fee then we are playing a different game because my scouts are giving 2,5 star yo 30-40 M players right now. And if I find a 4 star player then their club asks 60-80 M. So this doesn’t makes any sense. Of course I can look for unhappy players but not if my board sells the player at the last day of transfer window.
  6. So the board can sell your players without your permission when they receive a high amount bid which happens also in real life and it is something a manager should live with. However, there are many scenarios where the board is selling your players without your permission even it doesn't make any sense. I am pretty sure not every player bothered by this mechanic because it only happens absurdly in certain type of teams. In my gameplay I was managing the leading turkish team which means I can build up the team that will win the champions league in three years if I can manage to keep my star players while they are being shown interest from top european clubs and that is where the board starts acting unrealisticaly stupid. First of all the board doesn't have the sense of how that player fits your long term plans and which achievements he can bring the club. I am keep rising up in the european club standings and I am getting competitive in the champions league three years in a row but they keep selling my players for an amount which is not enough to replace the player. For example I had a 21 years old deep lying playmaker who is hitting up 7,5 - 8 rating form and just started to get a national call up but the board sells this player for 38 million euro even the player has a three more years in his contract and wants to stay with the club. The kid even tells me that he is happy in the club after an offer from Barcelona. I mean it is obvious that the club can keep this player at least for one more year. This way he will increase his value and help the club to be more successful in champions league. You can protest this transfer but it is so ridiculous that you can only protest a single offer. The board sells the player without asking you when they receive another offer next day. I mean where is the logic in that? You rejected the first offer and accepted the other one. You can at least make them wait for half a season. But stupidity doesn't end there. It is where it starts. I am completely okay with this mechanic when the club's financial projection is negative. Any club would sell their player to resolve their financial issues. However the club sells your player even the transfer budget reflection is %100. So the board is telling you that I sold your best player and I am giving you all the money to use it however you want. What the hell is this mean? I don't want money. I want my player back. If I knew that I could buy a better player I would sell him myself. And theoretically I could buy a ****** player and make you the biggest clown in the country. And the board also doesn't care about how long time remaining for the transfer season. They can sell your player even only a few hours remaining for transfer season to end. Which means you cannot find a good replacement because their club will most likely to ask for a high amount of money unlike my stupid club. So you will have to spend all that money to a player who is not even good enough. Could you show me a football club stupid enough to do this? In real life clubs are mostly tend to keep their hot prospects as long as possible if the club's stature is getting increase which is completely logical. But the game doesn't have this sense. And finally the most absurd part. Club can sell your players even outside the domestic transfer window. Transfer window in turkish league is closed a day before the european countries. That means they can buy your player instantly but you cannot sign any players. Transfer window ends, you press continue and you a receive message saying your best player signed for another club. Even they already sold my future cristiano ronaldo for 76M just a week ago. I mean where does this end? You just ruined the team. And what the hell am I supposed to with this money when I can't even spend. I have utmost believe in that this game is being developed by highly skilled and experienced developers. And I am surprised how come none of them stepped up and said "Hey! if we're gonna implement this mechanic we should be aware of some potential cases which might ruin the game". It's like the game only checks if the transfer offer is high enough. I think this mechanic should be removed until the above issues resolved. There is no point of putting realistic obstacles in the game when you cannot implement the realistic solutions.
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