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  1. if you click on my name on my profile (please don't screenshot my profile as it has my personal information like date of birth) etc. when you click on your name in the game you see all the cups you have won basically all of that has disappeared. I'm only using different logos/kits nothing else.
  2. Hello I cannot locate the saved game. I have found the right folder but my saved games are not there.
  3. all my competitons and history has just dissappeared, is there anyway I can get them back?? This was also a problem with football manager 2019 surely they would have done something to protect this from happening again.
  4. since the update i noticed something with the match engine the extended highlights the game just zooms past very quickly the game finishes quickly with not much highlights it is also pretty boring I’m not saying it was perfect before the update but it was more exciting to watch please fix this issue. thanks
  5. still think 1vs1 with the beta version is still bad my team is getting the equal amount of shots on target sometimes more and my players are still missing. this is really frustrating nothing wrong with losing, but not like this.
  6. I have no control over my team I have tried the public beta it isn't much difference seriously fm 19 me was so much better why can't they just put that 1 in this game?? just go on twitter and see how many people are complaining about this why can't they improve the game and say when it will be done.
  7. will there be an update for this game and if so when?? because i can’t play this game if the match engine is this bad compared to fm19 it feels like i have no control over my team I tell my keeper to play short passes distribute to defenders but he keeps kicking it up the pitch when my winger is through on goal and the striker is there waiting for the cross he doesn’t cross it to him
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