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  1. There is no option to set up anything, I just go on the player's profile and press the "scout player" button. I control the scouting. It wasn't always like this the first time i recognized it was when I changed the personal assistent settings to "put players onto shortlist undetermined when scouting" and "scout player for 2 weeks" in one of my saves, but changing that back to standart didn't stop the analyst report requesting.
  2. Deleted both the cache folder and the preferences folder, but that didn't change anything.
  3. It's for Football Manager 2019. The thing is that I tested mutiple saves and even started new ones and all have the same problem, so it should be in the general game settings, shouldn't it? But in the general game settings I haven't found any settings regarding scouting. And if there are specific scouting settings, where can I find them? I only know the personal assistent ones in the staff settings where it let's you choose how long a player is normally scouted for and if you want the player automatically put on the shortlist if you scout him.
  4. Hello, The problem I have with scouting is, that when i request a scouting report, either on the players profile or via right click, the game automatically also requests an analyst report. It's pretty annoying because I only have one data analyst and I scout alot of young players. I know that I can cancel the requested analyst reports manually but doing that all the time is very annoying. I reinstalled the game twice already but the problem is still there. I hope you can help me with my problem.
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