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  1. Summary: Playing a semi professional club I changed the training slot in an upcoming week to Automatisms and the whole training for this week disappeared. Description of Issue: see above Steps to Reproduce: Go to training calendar and change training in one of the upcoming weeks to a tactic training style Files Uploaded to the OwnCloud: Training Error - Schweden semiprofessional team.fm
  2. Fair point, but there are four of us with 9 points and I have the best difference and did not play all of them yet :-)
  3. Summary: Got better goal difference but still worse position in table Description of Issue: see above Steps to Reproduce: n/a Files Uploaded to the OwnCloud: Naake Lutz – Andorra.fm
  4. Looks a bit like my issue. When can we expect a patch here?
  5. Any news on that? I am still playing in the first division with my 1k stadium :-)
  6. Btw 3rd season started and I am still playing my old stadium. So no moving to a bigger one because of the requirement.
  7. No I didn’t unfortunately. It went through the end of the planning state but just not finishing it.
  8. Update: 2 years are now over in the First Division and I got a message that we will rent the Andorra stadium because the Andorra stadium has not the necessary capacity. That cannot be right :-(
  9. Summary: I am playing as Andorra and am in my 2nd season in the First Spanish Division. I need a stadium with 15.000 capacity and suggest many times to increase capacity. Description of Issue: Management did always confirm the capacity increase. But it is way too few (from 1.100 to 1.600) and it stays in planning mode Steps to Reproduce: Check stadium planning or request stadium capacity increase Files Uploaded to the OwnCloud: Naake Lutz – Andorra.fm
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