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  1. We lost our first game in League Two, but we are stil on the first place.
  2. I managed to qualify in the eighth Conference League after finishing on the first place in groups with 18 points out of 18. In League 1 I am on the first place with 32 points, tied with CSU Craiova. We have no defeat this season, neither in the Conference League, nor in league. We have in the Romanian Cup with CSU Craiova, but I am glad that I lost and I wanted to lose from the beginning so that I don't have such a busy schedule. like last year. This year's Youth Intake doesn't look too good ... The board agreed to improve the junior facilities, and this is how we
  3. At the final of august we are on the first place with 13 points. In FA Cup we were eliminated by the rivals from Nottm Forest.
  4. The preseason was good, we won 7 games from 8 and we bought 3 players.
  5. We managed to qualify for the Conference League groups after defeating Banik Ostrava 6-1 in the general round in round 2, defeating Servette 4-0 in the general round and defeating Panathinaikos 9-3 in the play-offs. generally. We also won the Romanian Super Cup and we are on the 2nd place in the league. In the Conference League groups we will play with Rijeka, Silkeborg and Buducnost. We brought in two players during the transfers, but one of them has already retired. We gave away a few contract free players and sold a few more, including Nick Weaver, wh
  6. The second promoted team in League Two is Aldershot.
  7. In may we didn't win any match, but we won Vanarama National League. We didn't deserved that, but is important we promoted in League Two. After we won the league, the board agreed to improve youth facilities. And now, the board agreed to improve the youth recruitment. In the next season I will change more players. Stats of the career:
  8. At EURO 2024 we got only one point, with Russia, otherwise we lost the other two matches, but we really played well, especially with Germany, a match in which we took the goal of defeat in the last minutes. Unfortunately, we go home in groups, compared to EURO 2020 when we went home in the eighth, but then we had an easier group. It seems that Dragan Novakovic, our striker, won the Golden Ice at only 19 years old.
  9. In April I played only with weak teams, and the only victory was with the best team I played with. We also did a good deed, we gave points to others
  10. March was the worst of his career. Two wins, 3 draws, 2 defeats, but still 14 points from 2nd place. However, if we had won all the matches in March we would have been 3 points away from being champions, but if my players got bored of playing football... The Youth Intake is so bad...
  11. I hope, but in month february we lost another game, against Torquay, but we are in the first place, with 15 points from 2nd place. In FA Trophy we were eliminated by a team from Vanarama National North. We loaned a player from Ipsqich, because the player who played on his position was recalled by Swansea.
  12. In January we suffered the first defeat this season, but we are still in first place, just 13 points from 2nd place, given that at the beginning of the month we were at 8 points.
  13. Unfortunately we were eliminated from the Europa League by Leciester with 7-1 overall. The regular season in League 1 I finished in first place two points behind Viitorul, 2nd place. Unfortunately, the points were halved (I don't understand why they are halved, we work all season for some points and then, after 30 matches only 50% of our effort remains). With 3 stages before the end we were 9 points away from Viitorul, but unfortunately we ended up with equal points, but they had a higher goal average (I think after beating CSU Craiova 7-0 in the penultimate stage, which in the last stage
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