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  1. I didn't know where to put this, so I put it here. I see that I have a fm 2020 malware on steam, bought. Why?
  2. We are favorites in 17th place, and if we finish less than 4 points from 16th place in this position we play a dam to stay in Serie B, if not, we relegate.
  3. And now, Season Review: In the next 5 years, the management wants to build a new stadium, and next season it wants to save us from relegation. The player with the most goals was our striker, Pietro Cianci. Our team, Giovanni Pinto and Pietro Cianci, were the players of the Year. We managed to achieve the first goal. Let's promote in Serie B. Let's promote in Serie A. Let's win the Italian Cup Let's win Serie A. Let's qualify for a European competition Let's qualify for UCL Let's win UCL Let's win a European co
  4. We managed to be promoted to Serie B at the play-off, after eliminating Casertana, Avellino, Padova, Bari and Pordenone.
  5. We will play in round 2 with Casertana, 9th place in our series.
  6. We failed to promote directly, we will play play-off again. In 2021 we played very badly, coming back at the end of the season, we finished on the 4th place, with 79 points, more than the 1st place from last season.
  7. This year's youth intake is not wow either.
  8. I signed a new contract with Catania, for 3 years.
  9. We are in first place, one point behind Cosenza, 2nd place and 3 points behind Trapani, 3rd place. December was perfect in Serie C, and in the Italian Cup we were eliminated by Cagliari, at the limit, 3-2, after a match dominated by us. We were very close to taking the match in overtime. And if you don't believe me that I dominated the match with Cagliri, a Serie A team ...
  10. We need to improve everything about our youth, except HoYD, but we don't have the money and the board doesn't want it.
  11. At the end of November we are on the 2nd place, at two points, although we defeated the first place, Cosenza, Picerno humiliated us with 3-0, a match in which I said to give chances to some players as well. Bad idea!
  12. We got our revenge against FC Argeș in the Romanian Super Cup, which we won 3-0. I sold Cristhian Restrepo for 30.5M euros at Aston Villa, but the management accepted the offer, because I was asking for more than 30.5M and I was getting percentages from a future transfer. I had to give it up, because I risked violating financial fair play, because last season I wasn't in UCL. I also buy some new players.
  13. At the end of October we are on the 2nd place, two points away from the 1st place, with a less played match. We managed to defeat the great rival Palermo with 2-0 at home and we qualified in round 4 of the Italian Cup. In the Serie C Cup we were eliminated from the first round. Looks like we'll never win this competition. We buy in more players to help us promote. Players:
  14. And now let me introduce you to the team that reached the UEL quarterfinals and other players. Ignacio Orsino: Felipe Curcio: Marco Petkovic: Bala N'Diaye: Johan Lopez: Fernando Odriozola: Marcel Sobottka: Deian Sorescu: Daniel: Luca Gabor: Louis Munteanu: Alexi Pitu: Cristhian Restrepo: Romuald Kouadio: Bogdan Trică: Lizandro Fernandez: Florin Biro: Florinel Avramescu: Other young players who have passed me by: Ubir
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