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  1. I finally found resolution for that. As you told me that there could be problem with path, I started game from steam with this option: And I don't have crash dump at startup. Finally
  2. Hi, I tried few (exactly: two) folder path for whole game - firstly I installed it on my "standard" hard drive, under steamapps folder, second time I tried on my SSD drive (with windows), to check if that may help. But I didn't change path for AppData and Documents.
  3. Hello, I'm sorry but it does not work. It was stated before, that this is "known issue" and should be updated in next patch - my questions were about somethig else.
  4. Just two more questions. If this is an issue that you are aware, shouldn't that be checked in beta? I tried beta version also, and problem is still there. I'm afraid that next patch may not help here Second question: could you tell me with what this issue is related? Is this something with my hardware (graphic card etc.)? I may try to attach different parts of my PC if possible, to check if that resolve this issue for short time, before new patch will be released.
  5. I done that already, didn't help (and all other steps from help, as described before).
  6. Thanks for reply. I tried public beta, and I get the same error. Could you tell any, even approximate time, when this update can be apply? I just wonder, when I could play FM.
  7. Hello, I'm receiving crash dump when I try to start a game. Game is freshly installed via steam. I have done every steps from: I tried to reinstal FM, update W10, disable windows antivirus, firewall, delete cache, check integrity - just I tried everything that was stated in help or in another theards in this forum. Nothing helps. Everytime game is starting, I can see few first screens but in the same time I get error message. When I click "ok", FM window disapear and that's all. I'm attaching dxdiag and crash dump file. I don't know if it's important, but I get the same error whe
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