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  1. Yeah but i think so he sad reversed! I will try to find that coment
  2. Yeah and he sad that he use creative player on CM role and more defensive player on DLP role!Also sad that often change mentality regarding oposition you face For example I always start with attacking then after 2 goals advantage change to balanced,maybe changing mentality could help to fight against ME,if he didnt change tactic for a 7 season and winning all,that means something for sure
  3. Man I must say that your tweak is amazing,and I dont understand why didnt noticed by the others,I am testing it with various teams just to be sure before real start of the save and I must admit that more I am testing it,I am more convinced that this is incredible tactic,just won CL with Watford in my second season! Just to know I am using your Narrow tweak from Raptor 4,incredible...
  4. Hello TFF I am after all tactics from FM base I am back to play with yours as always at the end This Is my test with Real Betis first season,started without singings because they have really small budget at the start,now in January I have sold some players and finally managed to sign fews Thing that I liked so much It was the fact that I have dominated in every match even against Barca they didnt dominate,I have used Excutioner at Home and Bloodlust Away games..lost some matches and conceding goals in set pieces,maybe there could be some improvement,maybe but OVERALL its amazing combo and I feel really powerfull with my team in every game! That is really important for me even if I lose match that I had chance to win it!At home using Excutioner I have crashed everybody until now except Barca i got drow,they scored from penalty and one set pieces from deep...I should won even that... Regarding roles finally AMC works amazing lot of assist comes from there...Striker scorinG A LOT only position that I wasnt happy was the BBM he got often low rating... Will see at the end of the season with some new players will see how will go...but I must say brilliant work TFF like always! Thank for you contribution it helps a lot Cheers
  5. After January transfer window I have lost Rodrigo De Paul,went to Barcelona for 50 Mil. I t was realy hard to find replacement for him because nobody wants to come at Udinese so I have found two youngsters with really good stats during the rest of the season! It was incredible fight with Juve until the last day but I somehow won it! Even C.Ronaldo had brilliant season scoring more then 40 GOALS!!! it was not enough and I have won the Serie A mostly because of the incredible picked player founded at Atalanta named mr.Gosens !Amazing Left Wing back who pushed up my team to won this Competition even we were 16 place Media prediction! Thanks Mr.Vujevic for this tactic and I looking forward to play it on the new patch with some updates from your side! Cheers!!!
  6. In my opinion its just realistic In real life you can not win title every year,its impossible...even with the best team,so...
  7. I dont understand you guys If you dont like tactics from TFF be free to switch to another one...In my opinion he is the best tactician around and I am sure that he spend so much time to make the best tactic possibile!In my opinion playing on the beta patch,his tactic is a real beast!But in this FM edition you must take care about so much factors including team moral,number of the new players in club,staff member and overall happiness in club!And so many factor,to have the best tactic its NOT enought in this edition so take care carefully about all other things when managing a team,and with thia tactics you will be on the TOP for sure!This is my advice for all those unhappy playing this magnificent game!Cheers to all!
  8. Yeah man I realy enjoy this beta and hope it will remain unchanged!Quality in defence its incredible!Just like I want,only think I was noticed that is better to play forward on their natural foot sides,like Lautaro on Right and Lukaku who is left footed od left,they scored much more in the second part of the season when I played them like this!
  9. Hello friend we miss you on Fm Base a lot...this is my save on Fm BETA using destroyer V2 First season Inter Milano Won Serie A and Champions cup Lost Coppa Italia on penalties Looking forward to start new season using new version Destroyer V3
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