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  1. I am just starting my 3rd season and have noticed that there are no regen faces? I went to preferences to see if it was ticked but the 'real and generated pictures' option is greyed out.. Does anybody know how to fix?
  2. well done dafuge, considering....... Its hard to be sucessful with so much players coming and going! your finances are looking good too!
  3. ino, how stupid is that?Ive lost so much finance over the whole fiasco.....
  4. i know the feelin thebaker, the board decided to upgrade my stadium, my first attendance for a premier league game at home to arsenal on the first day of the season? 108 people????
  5. Dafuge where did you get your Tooting and Mitcham badge?
  6. were can i get logos and kits or my tonbridge team?
  7. must say im quite jealous/envious dafuge!
  8. very nice signing, bit of a coup
  9. hrbfcrule who did you sign igor off in your save! looks a good player!
  10. Is there any way of finding out infrmation on my stadium?
  11. Hard luck, im in same predicament! Although im now into 2016/17 in league 1 and after the previous two seasons of playoff dissapointment, for some reason or the other im in the bottom half of table with only a few games to go :confused: so now going into my FOURTH season in league 1 GOOD LUCK FOR NEXT SEASON ANYWAY! HOPEFULLY YOULL DO BETTER THAN ME!!
  12. EASTWOOD TOWN - 14/15 - LEAGUE 1 LEAGUE - Dissapointed with the final position!! got beat in plaoff final, is always a hard pill to swallow! SQUAD - The sqaud wasnt too bad this season, with a few loan signings the team wasnt too weak!! TRANSFERS - I was suprised at some of the transfers i was ble to achieve and the loans also hellped! CLUB INFO - The finance isnt too great and i think it would be good if i was able to adress this, this season!!
  13. EASTWOOD TOWN - 13/14 - LEAGUE 2 LEAGUE - We put on a late push for the playoffs and comfortably made them with a few games to spare! beat torquay in semis 5-3 and then stockport in final 1-0! SQUAD - I thought my squad wasn't going to be strong or have enough depth to achieve promotion but with a few loans it changed it all!! TRANSFERS - Got in a few key players in the summer that helped! also the loans where vital in promtion!! CLUB INFO - Shows i was pre season favourites to finish rock bottom of the league and how i proed them wrong! My finance is currently in the red and hopefully the promotion will help change this! 3 down - 2 promotions to go!! :thup::D
  14. EASTWOOD SEASON 4 - LEAGUE 2 - 12/13 LEAGUE TABLE - A great escape saved us from relegation! thankfully it didnt add on a couple more seasons to my challenge SQUAD - I again thout the sqaud had great depth and with some good players on loan from blackburn i thought i would be fighting at the other end of the table TRANSFERS - Some good signings an also a significant sale of my best defender, ryan shotton to southampton for 80k after 24 months, 80k after 30 apps, a friendly and 50% sell on clause! CLUB INFORMATION - My finances are again struggling again! But a relegation wouldnt of helped the matter. Im just waiting to become an ICON! Eastwood need prem football!!!