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  1. Nowadays, in games against chievo and siena mourinho used 4-2-3-1 formation MCs-Viera and Zanetti AMR/L- Ballotelli and Pandev AMC-Sneider FC-Milito AND against Siena on saturday MCs-Motta(def.) Stankovic(sup.) AMR-Quaresma AML-Pandev AMC-Sneider ( scored twice ) FC-Milito Sorry for english
  2. Justified I`m menager juventus and real madrid, where should i put diego and kaka? Sorry for poor english
  3. Hello All Sorry for english, but i want to know, what attibutes needed perfect Deep Playmaker? I want to play with two MCs, one as central mid ( defend ) and one is deep laymeker to support.
  4. one more about 4231, becouse i`m not from gb, i have one question for english soccer fan It is true that cappelo`england use 4231 formation with lampard as MCa and Barry as MCd and rooney as AMC? And one more thing, Brazil on Confederation Cup also use 4231? or not? ( becouse on eurosport site england and brazil always on graphic as 4231 formation ) Sorry for very poor english
  5. But you dop mentality by 3-5 notches when playing away? What with your results?
  6. Tyler I don`t understan why eagle tactic is better for away games becouse it have the same instruction as piranha? sorry for english
  7. Tyler_bode It is new version v6 based on team mentality as v4? and it will be 442 or other formation sorry for english, and best regards from poland
  8. Tyler_bode v6. it will be 442 or different formation? I have some great results with v4, but i remove forwards with barrow to amc position and give him him mixed fwr, and my wingers playing in amr/aml positions, so it is 4231, and works well, thanx tyler
  9. kimz, first sorry for english ( i`m from poland ) I just have quick question: Why all players in your tactic has low creative freedom? Si if i have cesc or gerrard in my team and i give him ` for cf, they will played good? sorry for english, and thanx for any reply
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