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  1. I like using inflated release clauses for that very reason, even in leagues that rarely use them. I always counter the first bid with the min. release fee and make it non-negotiable. Most clubs will back out but few will pay the actual release fee. If the player gets upset - tough luck, you agreed to the fee when you got the wage increase and signed the contract.
  2. When your club with insecure finances will refuse to pay for your licenses but will happily send other staff to get their badges.
  3. World -> Club -> List, there will be a drop-down for most league apps by a player. Everton's is Neville Southall with 578 league appearances. However, it only shows the top player for the club, rather than a list of top 5, etc. It's also listed in under the player's section of your records. Club info -> History -> Records
  4. How do you like managing Bristol City? I took them over in 2028 in Championship and promoted to PL within 7 seasons. I'm finding that their owner, Stephen Lansdown, is one of my favorite chairmen I've had in the game.
  5. It will depend on your performance and the board. The largest chunk of income are the TV rights (€100 million+) but the funds are paid over the course of the season, not in a lump sum. You can take a look at the projections in your finances section to get a better idea what your budgets will look like.
  6. I had a similar experience jumping from CM 01/02 then FM 2007 and finally 2020. My advice would be to start with a much smaller team and in lower leagues. Dutch or Belgian second divisions are a great place to learn basics of managing a reasonably sized squad, staff and youth teams. The expectations are typically much more progressive and don’t require almost immediate success. I’m having a much better time managing a large club now after really learning the ropes with smaller clubs first.
  7. Anyone? Would it be as simple as deleting a few lines of code?
  8. They are announced months ahead by your HOYD but actually come through the youth intake. Has your intake happened already?
  9. They did. Fired up CM 01/02 to take a look. CA 110 PA 160
  10. Follow the current manager of Feyenoord. You’ll get notifications about sacking rumors, when he actually gets sacked or if he gets offers from other clubs.
  11. Having the same issue managing Bristol City. Ashton Gate has a capacity of 25,650 but only 25,078 available for normal matches. My average attendance in the league is 25,078 and the board will refuse expansion.
  12. Is it possible to remove or disable the instant results button?
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