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  1. I have seen at least 3 posts that were deleted without trace or notice that contained a transfer exploit in FM 2020 base game. If you don’t like us reporting them, then the correct action would be to patch those exploits, not censor users.
  2. It’s pretty telling that I posted an actual exploit in this thread and requested it patched by SI and staff deleted it without any explanation. Shame. After spending $60 on a barely functioning FM 2020 on google Stadia and another $50 on Steam this is how SI and Sega treats its consumers.
  3. I noticed that DOFs with a negotiation attribute of 20 are able to renew a contract with the same wage and bonuses as the player’s current contract, something I’m unable to do as a manager. Does anyone know if managers have a hidden negotiation attribute?
  4. Another benefit of the Dutch leagues are the lax rules. 12 subs named on the bench and if I recall correctly no player registrations or foreign player restrictions.
  5. Having 2020 as my first FM game since 07 (have been primarily playing CM 01/02 over the years) starting with a big club was somewhat overwhelming. Managing large staff, reserves, finances, board expectations, contracts, training etc can be quite a task initially at a large club. However, after starting a new save and spending a handful seasons in the Dutch 1st & 2nd tiers with SC Cambuur and Groningen, where the expectations were reasonable, stepping up to AC Milan and then Atletico was a smooth transition and felt like natural progression. My suggestion would be learning the game at a smaller club, but not necessarily in the very lowest divisions.
  6. Since your post, google has implemented the ability to download saves on Stadia, so having a folder directory structure is clearly possible. I hope that means that at some point we're able to modify the items you mention.
  7. Not sure how your rambling reply is relevant to OPs topic.
  8. I would like that back as well, as I believe it's missing in FM 2020. It's a fun little stat to access and SI should implement it in the next patch.
  9. Here are my main drawbacks with Stadia version of FM - - unable to download and apply any mods or skins. - also unable to download tactics, so if you find a killer tactic you’d have to recreate it manually and hope that someone also includes the individual player instructions. - unable to use “real name fix” as there aren’t any files to edit so Juve will remain Zebre etc. - there are no pre-game editors, only the same in-game editor you can purchase for the Steam version. - you’d also have to purchase another copy if you want to play it on Stadia. - each of the updates came much later (sometimes weeks) after the Steam version. Positives - - it does run better (but not necessarily smoother) on Stadia. I have a good laptop with 1 gbps interned and while the steam version was snappier, Stadia FM won’t get bogged down many seasons down the line. - super extended laptop battery life. Since playing FM on Stadia isn’t much different than browsing the internet with Chrome, I can play FM for 5+ hours on a full battery. - flexibility of playing in anywhere just by logging into your Stadia account.
  10. Just checked and yes you can but it’s fairly limited to what you can edit for a competition. I stand -corrected anyhow.
  11. @knap I can’t download tactics as I’m playing on Google Stadia and have to recreate tactics manually. Can you please post screenshots of BEOWULF 442 (P107)? Does the tactic use individual player instructions? Thanks!
  12. If your tv and laptop have an HDMI port, connect the two via an HDMI cable. Your TV essentially becomes an external monitor. It’s my favorite way of playing FM.
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