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  1. Hi guys, I am looking to start a save in China and see where that takes me, I am wondering though if I have a large budget but small reputation while I be able to persuade big names to join me? Or will bids be accepted and then it state they're not interested? I'm thinking names like Balotelli
  2. Hey guys, I am in the middle of a save starting with Maidstone United in non-league. I have managed to get into League 2 but since my stadium does not meet the requirements for EFL (Has <5k seats) I have been relocated to a nearby stadium. I am now in the middle of my second season at the new ground, do you know if I will ever be able to return to my home stadium or is the relocation permanent? I cant see any options under board requests regarding stadium.
  3. Hi guys, Just a quick question to those of you who have downloaded the Level 11 database. Have you encountered any issues a couple of seasons in? My local team are level 11 and would love to give a long term save a go but dont want to get into it and then have issues and have to start again! Also, great work Dan! Super grateful for this
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