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  1. well mate here it is; I am playing a middle class team Gençlerbirliği in Turkey.. I started to use your tactic in the middle of first season and it was nice. And in second season media prediction for my team was 12...But your tactic worked wonders and i finised 1st at the end of the season. That proves this tactic works for all teams. Good work bro..Here is my final position at second season; And also i think i found my new maxim tsigalko since cm 00-01:) Check out the stats of Michael Eneramo..He played as FC and he was amazing. I dunno if he is a kind of "tsigalko" or your tactic made him score like that:)).Here his stats..; http://img168.imageshack.us/img168/6425/a22kb.jpg I am in 3rd season now and tactic is still doing well. the best tactic i have ever used.
  2. kimz i started to use your tactic and your tactic brought back the fun of the game.. very good tactic... you mentioned central fc is playmaker..do you tick playmaker option and chose that player?
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