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  1. Me and my friends is now having an Online Draft league going on. One of the most desired features would be the ability for admins to enter the match as spectator without having to add manager/entering draft pick. Besides, to add other features like the ability to view the match analysis and other stats while the managers is pausing for tactical change / half time. This would definitely help the management of the league much more organized and attractive and will make FM streaming much more interactive and interesting.
  2. any idea on how can i save the match highlights? i tried to use both export this highlight and export package option, but both resulting in a highlight without sounds.any idea on how to enable the sound?
  3. I'ved tried to login into my Youtube account in the Preference > Advanced > Social Networks settings. However, the following error appears : "Sign in with Google temporarily disabled for this app This app has not yet been verified by Google in order to use Google Sign in." Twitter login however works ok. Please help in resolve this issue. Thanks.
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