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  1. Could I have some help with this please? In trying to offload unwanted players, my Board are critical of those that I transfer and make a loss on, especially given that this impacts on FFP. Fair enough. Question, though, how is the loss on the player calculated? Is it: a) the deficit between his value and the transfer fee, or; b) same as (a), but adding back the savings on wages over the remaining life of his contract, or; c) the deficit between his transfer fee and the amount he cost when he was signed (if he was signed)? Or, is it calculated some other way?
  2. Managerial Contract (Possible Bug?) My employment contract was due to expire at the end of the current season, and I was made an offer by the club to extend my deal (having won the league two years on the bounce). After the negotiation was completed I asked to delay the decision to then end of the season. When that time came, oddly the club did not get back to me to finalise the deal, but instead there was silence and my employment contract expired. In the real world this would have made me a free agent (technically unemployed), which quite suited me. But, this doesn't happen on Touch. Instead, I was defaulted onto a month-to-month employment contract, without any consultation, from which my only option is to resign. This is daft. I should simply be a free agent, or the club should re-approach me to offer terms to stay (or to state they aren't offering terms and I am leaving the job on expiry of the contract) It seems the only option on a managerial contract is to be sacked or resign, whereas, to maintain realism, there should be a third option, which is 'Free Agent'.
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