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  1. Hello readers, i am back after a long time. Hope everyone is safe and doing well during this Covid19 pandemic. So the season has ended and transfer market is open for 2019-20 season. Image is of period just after previous season ended and of period when transfer market is closed and new 2019-20 season is about to begin. So my top 3 team leaders (Pogba, De gea & Herrera) are still the same and i have retained them. No changes in them. 4 players (Lingard, Jones, Young & Lozano) are not seen in highly influential players list as they are sold and so now instead of 11 players, there is only 7 players. I guess, Fred, Chiesa, Pereira & Semedo will enter this list by the end of this season. 1 player in form of Romero is removed from influential players list as he is sold and his place is taken by Pereira, who i guess will move to highly influential players list very soon. Bought some very promising players like Ivan Martinez 17 years GK, Lee Kangin 18 years midfielder, Davide Betella 19 years center back, Javi Ontiveros 21 years attacking winger, Oihan Sancet 19 years center midfielder, Pol Lozano 19 years center midfielder, Sergio Gomez 19 years midfielder, Cesar Gelabert 18 years attacking midfielder.. Also sold some of my players like, Hirving Lozano to Bayern Munich for 47M pound, Phil Jones to Lazio for upto 38M pound and Jesse Lingard to Chelsea for upto 74M pound. Chelsea has bought 3 players so far in 1 year from MU, i sold them Alexis Sanchez in last summer season, then Lee Grant in winter season and now Lingard. Meanwhile i also extended contract of Andreas Pereira for 4 years upto 2023. Will sell him after increasing his value before his contract expire, once Felix and Morilla are ready to take up attacking midfield position.
  2. Transfer updates: So far 30 deals have happened and for us, it is 14 in and 2 out. We are highest net spenders as of now. However Chelsea, Man City and Liverpool have spent maximum on single players, with the likes of R. Varane, S.M. Savic, and D. Costa respectively. Total transfer spending is 354M for premier division clubs. 4 more players joined in for us. Contract extended for Olosunde, but his work permit is not extended. This season he was going out for loan, but next season if his work permit is not renewed than he will have to be loaned out again or sold.
  3. Summer transfer windows 2019 opens and here comes my first 12 signings. They are followed by 2 more signings. Tim Odusina, 19 years old center back from Norwich and Marcin Bulka, 19 years old goal keeper from chelsea and he is free transfer. So first week of transfer market in premier division looks like this. European Champions Cup final loser Real Madrid are now looking to buy Lukaku, the player who destroyed them. I am not going to lose him at cheap price. Come Madrid show me the money. If at all this rumor come true and they give good money, probably more than 100M, then i will try to see if i can get Harry Kane from Tottenham hotspur. If i can get him, then only i will sell Lukaku. Whereas Barcelona are not giving up on Pogba. Pep Guardiola, who was fired by Man City, has joined Inter Milan. Good decision for Pep, bad for Man City. On the other side, Arsenal at its best, has signed Fatih Terim as their manager. Sorry, but who is Fatih Terim? Now i am starting to look at my players who deserve new contract or who are having minor issue about contract. Dean Henderson is now promoted to first team and he got big 5 years contract. I am sure he will become big player. Also i renewed contract of Callum Gribbin for 4 more years, although he will be loaned out to other club to develop him.
  4. If you look this analysis, Phil Jones actually did good, but i am going to sell him, just because considering real life situation and he is not my favorite player. Also i had already bought Ruben Dias and want to promote Axel Tuanzebe. Mata will leave the club and i will not renew his contract, his ratings were poor. He will be replaced by A. Pereira and let see how he performs or he will be sold next season. Also if i get decent offer for inconsistent Lingard than i will sell him too. Dalot will be loaned out as i will be having 2 first choice RB in form of Nelson Semedo and Aaron Wan Bissaka. Young will be leaving the club for free. Will try to sell Sergio Romero and will promote Dean Henderson in his place. Also will try to sell Hirving Lozano as he didnt settled well with us. Scott Mctominay has to leave as well and it will be difficult decision for me, to sell him without giving him chance. As in FM19, both Mctominay and Timothy Fosu Mensah has potential rating of 140, plus Mctominay will be able to play only in CM position whereas Timothy will be good at CM, CD and RB position. Plus Timothy is only 20 years old. So i will have to keep only Timothy and sell Mctominay. There is one Indian player too here. I will have to take care of him. MU are now on 9th position in European club rankings. I am targeting to dislodge Real Madrid from 1st position and bring back MU to where they belongs. I dont know how i can improve English premier league rankings.
  5. So now we are playing against European favourites Real Madrid, the giant team. But we will give our best. Unfortunately Federico Chiesa just got injured few days back during training, however our player of the season, Martial came back fit from the injury and is ready to go ahead and play the final. And guess the result??? We absolutely nailed them in their own backyard. Within the start of match, Bailly sent a gem of stunning long range pass directly to Lukaku and he absolutely smashed it into the nets. And then we ran riots. We won it 4-1. Lukaku scored 2 goals and Herrera as well as Martial scored 1 goal each. This is our 4th trophy of the season. And by doing so, we broke the monopoly of Spanish team Barcelona and R. Madrid to win the European trophy. For me personally, the player of the year is Romelu Lukaku, not only he scored 29 goals, but he was the only outfield player never getting injured or suspended for a match and was available for all the matches. Besides his most favorable playing style is target man, however i was playing and training him as complete forward. So i guess next season he will be more accustomed to that style and will be even better player. Higest average rating was always going to be either of Luke Shaw or Alex Grimaldo, both LB players and they both were amazing. At the end Alex Grimaldo took highest average rating and Luke Shaw as Young player of the season. Grimaldo also won signing of the season. Thanks to alround performance of Herrera, he got best pass completion. Jesse Lingard got most assist, however i have to admit he was very inconsistent, just like in the real life. If good offer comes for him, probably from Arsenal, as they bid for him in winter, then i will think about selling him. Martial got most man of the match awards. As usual, Eric bailly proved to be very costly with his yellow cards. He need some decision making as improvement. Grimaldo won defender of the season in European Champions Cup. Lukaku and Martial came 2nd as Forward and Midfielder respectively. I guess David De Gea could also have won but he hardly played, as i often preferred Sergio Romero in most matches. I should have stick with only 1 goal keeper throughout the season. A. Young, Mata and probably P. Jones and Lozano will be leave their places in Highly influential players list. Fred, Grimaldo, and Chiesa will take their place. Let see who else enter list of Influential players from the new comers and youth players.
  6. Now talking about U23 teams, they lost their first position in U23 premier division 2 and hence lost automatic promotion to U23 premier division 1. Now they will have to play qualifying round to progress ahead. And yes, we won semifinal and final matches against Newcastle and Fulham respectively and now will play in U23 Premier division 1 next season. So happy, finally considering the status, history and position, club like MU should have their players playing at the top levels. Now lets evaluate the season for U23 players. Looking at this i can conclude following things Promotion to first team permanently with occasional playing at U23 levels - P. Cutrone (considering his age of 21 and 36 goals 4 assists he had in 42 appearances and his market value, he would be disappointed not to play in first team next year. But the problem for me is, Lukaku, he was the only outfield player this season in first team, who was never injured or got any red card and he scored 29 goals in the season. So i guess i will have to accommodate Rashford as LW players when Martial is injured and give Cutrone a chance as striker when Lukaku is rested). Axel Tuanzebe (he is also 21 years old and now is the time for him to take the position of Phil Jones as i will be selling him this summer transfer season. He will be the 4th choice CB after E. Bailly, Lindelof and Ruben Dias) Martin Terrier (His first position is LW, which is going to congested place, as both Martial and Rashford will be first preferred for this role. His other 2 preferred playing position is striker and AM. Now striker position is also full with Lukaku and Cutrone. So i am now left with AM for him. Mata is going to leave for free, so it depends on how Lingaard plays, plus A. Pereira will get the chance to show that this position is his. So if no playing chance, Terrier will be loaned out). Dean Henderson (Probably i will sell Sergio Romero, because he is terrific player and it hurts to me to see him not getting any chance to play regularly due to magnificent De Gea. Also Henderson is future player of MU, so i must start giving him first team opportunity) So Goal keeper, Center back, Striker and Attacking midfielder position are taken care of, by promoting this youth players to first team. Players who i will definitely sell or release for free as i have to reduce the numbers of youth players and give chances to U18 players to play U23 games. James Wilson Kieran o hara Matty Willock (all these 3 players are 23-22 years of age and i dont see them progressing to that level where MU demands them to be) Demetri Mitchell Cameroon Borthwick Jackon (Both of these LB players showed flashes of talent in their initial days when given chance in first team, however things didnt went as expected) Max Dunne Thomas Sang Ro Shaun Williams Luca Ercolani Ethan Hamilton Matej Kovar, already sold and will leave in summer. DJ Buffonge Callum Whelan Joel Pereira, he is hot prospect, but he is 22 years old and competing with Dean Henderson, so i will have to choose only GK and that will be Dean. Zak Dearnley Nishan Burkart Josh Bohui So out 41 players, 17 will leave, 4 will be promoted to first team. Rest of the 20 players will either remains in U23 team or will be loaned out depending on situation.
  7. And even before the season finish and transfer window open, my transfer activity was going on behind the scenes... Here are some of the deals i completed and these players will join us in summer 2019. Scout recommended me to sign Matheus Cunha for any price.. that high was the recommendation and i went ahead and bought him for 18.5M, although there was difficulty for work permit for him, but i worked hard and he got the permit. Next came Ruben Dias, also very promising and powerful center back, i already have seen him play for portugal and big clubs are already after him in real life and benfica is quoting exorbitant world record price for center back. So when i got him for just his market value as he was eagerly waiting to join me, was a big deal for me. So now i can sell Phil Jones (no disrespect, he is doing good, but i am not his fan in real life) and i will also quit my plan for Harry Maguire, especially since he is not interested in move. Next came Adam Idah, 18 year old forward and Aaron Wan Bissaka, well everyone knows him now, 21 year right back. Although i already bought Nelson Semedo from Barcelona for 16M, now i will have 2 good right back, just like i am having on the opposite flank (Luke Shaw and Alex Grimaldo). Shaw and Grimaldo both were quite injury prone and hence there was no problem for both players as they were getting good game time. However i hope Semedo and Bissaka have no problems with game time. Also now i can send Dalot and Olosunde out on loan. Kingsley Michael, 19 year midfielder from Bologna was next player, however he is not going to get work permit and i will have to loan him out. Wilson Isidor, 18 year midfielder from Monaco, has very high potential of 5 star and was recommended by my scout. Although Monaco was very tough in negotiation, but i kept on bidding for long time and finally i got him.
  8. And here comes our 3rd trophy, the FA Cup.... And what more interesting thing, we won it against arch rivals, noisy neighbour, Man City... We were without our star player A. Martial, but off form Lingard came into form in right time and scored the first goal, followed by second goal from Lukaku. We won it 2-0.. And what the shocking news, Pep Guardiola is fired by City!!!!! I can't dream this to actually happen in the real world....
  9. Man Utd won the Premier Division 2018-19 year... Yes we won the premier division and it is now our 2nd trophy of the year. We remained undefeated in the whole season and won 32 matches out of 38 !!!! We achieved the Premier division records of Highest points achieved (102 points) and lowest number of defeat (0 defeat) in a single season. Meanwhile Martial was the star player for this season of premier division. He won Player of the year award, English player's player of the year award, and English player's young player of the year award. David de gea won English premier division golden glove award. David de gea, Eric bailly, A. Martial, Fred, A. Herrera and R. Lukaku were named among the english premier division team of the year (total 6 out of 11 players). What surprising was inclusion of Fred and not Pogba... I guess they might have included character and loyalty as a factor in naming best players I won the Head coach of the year award with total coach points of 1139.
  10. We won against Man City in semifinal of European Champions cup and now we are in final against Real Madrid, the one who are winning it for 3 times in a row and have total 13 cups. Our U23 team won the final match of U23 Premier division cup against U23 of Arsenal....
  11. Two unhappy players - Martial & Grimaldo Both Martial and Grimaldo, despite their contract running for 4 more years, on good enough salary of 160k p/w & 92k p/w respectively, despite getting good enough minutes on ground and importances, were unhappy with their contracts. Grimaldo even went one step ahead and showed his displeasure in media. Ultimately i had to offer them new contracts to keep them happy, after negotiating hard.
  12. Here comes the second trophy, the more important one, the English Premier Division..... And i am on cloud nine after this... A proud moment for all Indians...
  13. I was planning to replace Phil Jones with Harry Maguire, however on FM19 i guess Maguire isn't better player than Jones. Maguire potential is 153 ratings and 4 star, while Jones potential is 152 and 4 star. Plus Leicester is asking for about 63M and not negotiating below it while his current valuation is 24M, and Maguire himself is not interested in joining. So bad luck for him. I will continue with Jones as of now and have given him new contract. Signed new Center back, Nathan Wood, 16 years old from Middlesborough. with potential ability between 130-160, could become better than current center backs i am having, and he is just 16 years old kid. Bought him for just 2.1M without any clauses. Hopefully he will be first team player soon. Besides 17 years old Teden Mengi (Center back) and Anthony Elanga (Winger) both signed professional contract and have very bright and promising future. U23 team won semi final of U23 Premier division cup against Southampton U23.
  14. We won against Chelsea in semifinal of FA cup, the team which is in 2nd position in Premier division and are performing good. Now we will have to play against ..... in final of FA cup. Lets hope we emerge victorious on Wembley. In Champions cup quarter final against arch rival Liverpool, it was boring affairs in both the legs. In Anfield, we managed to draw with scoreline reading 1-1. We were unlucky with many first team players absent, Bailly as usual suspended due to red cards, Lindelof injured, Chiesa injured. So we had to play with youngster Tyrell Warren and Phil Jones in center defence. Pogba scored for us and later also got red carded and hence suspended for the second leg, which provided much needed chance of Fred to play. In second leg, it was even more dull game, as none of the team could score. By means of away goal rule, we managed to progress in the next round of semi final of Champions cup. We are now paired against another arch rivals Man City in all english affairs, whereas another semifinal will be played between Real Madrid and PSG. I am very much hopeful of reaching Final. Our U23 team advanced to Semi final of U23 premier division cup after defeating arch rival Liverpool, just like first team. Similarly U18 team have move 1 step ahead of them and have won English U18 division title. Congratulations to both of these teams.
  15. Monthly awards are raining now. Pogba wons Player of the month award and Chiesa wons Young player of the month award ahead of Pulisic, justifying my first choice in transfer market. I was also not behind in award as i scoop manager of the month award. Also talking about records, about highest points in a season and highest matches won in a season, i guess i can get this record this season.
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