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  1. I started a game with 5 leagues and database medium, seems to be ok?
  2. Hello everyone, In order to get a best game performance I will try some aspects but I want your opinion about that. My ideia is add and remove league according to my desire of change club. Let's do a example: 1.I start a game with 2 active leagues ( leagues A and B) and I am manager of club in league A. 2.After one season I pretend to move to another club so i add other 2 leagues (league B and C) and remove league B. Starting this moment I will able to receive invites for clubs in leagues B and C, right? Thanks a lot
  3. Hello, It is difficult to a manager be hired to another club? How long takes to start to receive invites? Thanks
  4. I don't no yet but if you have some experience with it, maybe someone had already tried. My question is what this 2 options do game faster...
  5. Hello, I need a advice about the way I will start my save. There's s my options: 5 leagues with small database 3 or 4 with medium data base Thanks
  6. Hello, I know that this question depends of my computer characteristics. However I need a advice how much "stars" you think that game will run normally... 4? Thanks
  7. Yes, it is. So if I add some leagues after first season I will can manage them?
  8. Hello everyone, I want to know if is possible to start a save with 1 active league and after one season add more 3 leagues in order to try to move to other club. It is possible to achieve or just if I select 3 leagues in the beginning of the save I can move to other clubs? Thanks
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