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  1. Does mentality supersede all other tactical instructions? What I mean is, if I play attacking mentality with slow tempo, will the tempo be decided by my instructions or by the attacking mentality, which is set to have a much faster tempo? The same example could be applied to width and so forth, so basically my question is how mentality interacts with the other tactical instructions.
  2. My bad 😳 A couple years ago Vancouver Whitecaps had their preseason training and games at my university and those matches were so informal I just assumed they would rather keep playing 11 v 11 (even though I never saw a red card then). I definitely had those games in mind when I was playing my friendly earlier. Thanks for the reply!
  3. Was just playing a pre-season friendly and had a defender sent off. It made me realize that you should be able to replace this player with someone off the bench (strictly for friendlies obviously) because these matches are about working out tactics and player development, and playing a man down sort of defeats the purpose.
  4. In certain nations like Germany and USA, some teams have reserve teams in inactive leagues. Players in these leagues obviously have simulated stats in their history page, unless they’re in your own reserve team. Are these players also getting simulated matches or is there some other way to get them reserve team matches?
  5. Apologies if this has been discussed before. How much do player attributes affect behavior in certain roles? For example, if you have 2 inside forwards, one better at dribbling and the other better at passing, will the better dribbler be more inclined to take on his man and drive past him while the better passer will act more like a creative forward? Or will they both act the same given that they’re both assigned the IF role? This sort of thing could be applied all across the pitch, such as having more creative or defensive players in midfield both assigned the standard CM role. Will the more creative player interpret the role in a more attacking way, or will they simply perform worse on the defensive side of the role?
  6. it’s definitely a fine line between realism and pick up and play and I feel like the mobile game overall balances that really well, but yeah in some leagues (MLS and the A League in Australia come to mind) the domestic player restrictions seem like they’re more integral to experiencing the league
  7. I agree 100%. In all of my saves I try to stick to domestic players or I try to figure out what the real life foreign player rules are and abide by those. IMO what the game really needs is some sort of ‘realistic’ mode for those of us who want a more in depth experience but also want the benefits of the mobile game - something with more accurate squad registration rules and other things like that which make the game more in depth
  8. Completely agree with this it would be great to have realistic squad rules and it would add a really interesting challenge to the game in that you’d have to consider foreign limits etc when building a squad. I feel like it’s really unlikely to be added though because the main point of the mobile game is to be a “pick up and play” version of FM and the devs have to consider casual players who just want to sign their chosen players regardless of nationality
  9. @Marc Vaughan typically they’re free transfers as I generally scan the players with no club looking for potential. If they’re not free they’re always cheap (~100k max out of a 10 million budget). Just for some context I made the original post after I signed 3 free players who all ended up having at least “some potential to improve” per the training report and the board’s transfer rating of me went from green to red
  10. When managing a team with an active B team like in Portugal or Germany, I like to use my B team to evaluate potential prospects. This involves signing a wide array of U-23 players to see if any grow into potential first teamers. However this leads to board’s ratings of my transfers to be red and I consistently get messages like “fans regard your singing of Player X as an aberration,” even though 1. These players aren’t signed with the first team in mind and are purely brought in to cast a wide net when searching for prospects and 2. I also make good first team transfers. Is there any way for the board/fans to rate first team transfers separately or to have a better understanding of what these players are for? I know this is more of a future editions issue but I just wanted to raise it
  11. Since the update, some of the competition names in existing saves are wrong. In one of my saves the German Cup is labeled Bayernliga Sud, in another the Mexican Expansion League is labeled the Polish Third Division, in another the Canadian Championship is labeled the Texas Derby. These names aren’t wrong in all of my saves, just random competitions in random saves.
  12. Thanks for the detailed reply! I realize I haven’t been thinking about creating space for other players and have mostly been focusing on how each player will act in his space. How has Edwards done in the more central role for you? I’ve used him almost exclusively as my IF and had rochinha play mostly through the middle.
  13. It’s pretty much the same as yours just the AMC is an AM and where you have a BBM I have a BWM. I also haven’t tried focusing play down the flanks like you have in your tactic. My two main problems are that with the play it seems like we have no passing options and without the ball we struggle to win it back, the opposition almost always ends up in my final third.
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