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  1. Thanks for the detailed reply! I realize I haven’t been thinking about creating space for other players and have mostly been focusing on how each player will act in his space. How has Edwards done in the more central role for you? I’ve used him almost exclusively as my IF and had rochinha play mostly through the middle.
  2. It’s pretty much the same as yours just the AMC is an AM and where you have a BBM I have a BWM. I also haven’t tried focusing play down the flanks like you have in your tactic. My two main problems are that with the play it seems like we have no passing options and without the ball we struggle to win it back, the opposition almost always ends up in my final third.
  3. Impressive mate. I’m currently struggling to win a match/play any type of good football with Vitoria
  4. This is happening to me as well on iPhone XS using iOS 14.2
  5. Completely agree with this. I won back to back league titles in Denmark with a team expected to battle relegation and the only job I can get from here is in English League 1. I know Denmark is a lower rep league but I still expect a lower level Bundesliga team might take a chance on someone with those achievements in real life. Even a Championship job makes more sense.
  6. Can’t help but feel like this would’ve been fixed if it was the European Champions League
  7. For me it comes down to smarter AI teams. How many times do you see AI teams sign a player they don’t need for big money and play him two times in a season? Or how about when a team starts the Champions League semi-final with a 17 year old, one star striker up top? The ineptitude of the AI teams makes it so that it almost doesn’t matter which transfers you make or tactics you use. Just make a couple smart transfers and use a tactic that makes sense and let the failure of AI teams do the rest for you.
  8. 6 seasons into my MLS save with Vancouver Whitecaps and the CONCACAF Champions League hasn’t been played once. Competition screen shows the draw date as 9 December 2019 and shows the last champions as being in the 18/19 competition
  9. Is there any way to know the work permit rules for each nation? For example if I am managing in Denmark or Italy is there any way to know how many non-EU players I can have in my squad before any new work permits will be denied?
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