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  1. Every year I start unemployed and as a Sunday League footballer and I wait to see what lower league Scottish team will hire me first. This year I got Stenhousemuir, and in 13 seasons I took them from the bottom of league 2 to winning the Champions League, and then I thought I'd have a go at another continent so I moved to China and joined Beijing Renhe. In my 2nd season there I won the Chinese Super League and I got the notification telling me that I had qualified for the Asian Champions League but the actual competition hasn't happened yet, but it seems like it's broken and will never happen and I've encountered some sort of bug that leads to that competition just not spawning. Below is my screenshot. No winners since 2019, but im in 2036 now =( Have I just been really unlucky and encountered a bug? Because it's pretty gutting to have my go at the Pentagon scuppered like this. I didn't even plan on doing the Pentagon when I started the save, but it evolved into the objective over time. Any way to fix it?
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