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  1. This guy is now the best regen I've developed so far in fm20. Ability is currently 190:
  2. James Holland is going to be some player!
  3. I thought i'd share some of my regens. I edited the game and gave both England and Brazil a youth rating of 199. I have some great regens at the moment, including: My backup to M'Bappe: The new Rio Ferdinand? Good box to box midfielder: A replacement for Bruno Fernandes: Almost as good as De Gea already: Soon to take over from AWB: This is what a 16 year old with a PA of 198 looks like: An 18 year old I've loaned to Brighton: I love developing regens. It brings me a lot of satisfaction. Each of these guys have had a lot of exposure to first team football, relative to their age, as I like to develop them as young as possible. This year's FM seems a bit easier than usual. As Man U I have won the league every single year, and the CL 3 times in a row. I made the mistake of buying M'Bappe which is basically cheat mode, as he averages more than a goal a game in each of his 3 seasons with me so far. It is currently November 2023 in my save and I plan to get rid of any player that isn't a regen next year. I hope that this ups the challenge. Good as these regens are, they aren't yet as good as Pogba, M'Bappe, De Gea etc. I've already sold Pogba, Bruno Fernandes (my top performer), Gaya, amongst others.
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