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  1. I went to see Yann Mvila for Stade Rennais, and when they were warming up shouted at him to come to Wolves... Oddest thing is Wolves have signed Razak Bokari, so maybe he thought I was talking to him! When I saw Roman Lukaku warming up for Chelsea last year, I also advised him that he was a football manager legend, he kinda smiled and carried on warming up...
  2. Awsome, im looking forward to seeing Lyon, Hugo Lloris, Jérémy Pied, Yoann Gourcuff and all. I just reallly, really, really hope that Stade Rennais dont sell Yann M'vila before I can get there!
  3. HAHA. I was going to Stockport County games as my girlfriend at the time lived there, and now i always give them a go on FM, normally doesnt last long, but still try and bring some glory to Edgley Park
  4. Gentlemen, Well with this new book coming out about the Obession of Football Manager, just wanted to throw it out there and ask a few if its ever prompted you to do something that you never normally would. The reason im putting this out there is Next week im off to Stade Rennais to watch the season opener at The Rue De Llorient against Lyon. Now I'm not some huge superfan of Rennais, I do casually look out for there results, but more than anything im going because they once took a chance on me when I started my first ever journeyman game a few years back, after a French Cup win I moved, but from then on I've always looked out for them and there results in real life. So for this reason, and pretty much this reason alone (I do love football and will watch any team of any level) im off to France next weekend for a big opening day against Lyon. Anyone else ever done this sort of thing? I do remember reading somewhere that a couple of lads went over to Holland to a small club, and they had a blast of a time, but just wondering on here the FM community if anyone else had done this sort of thing? Would be awsome to read a few of your stories!
  5. Do you mean his agent dude? I think that maybe if he's signed a new contract, he'll probably be fine.
  6. Offer a new contract, sell someone else, clear out the youth team, try and shave money off elsewhere if you really want to keep him. Maybe have a private conversation, see what the options are.
  7. Ah if only FM was real life, id be a happy man. On most of my saves they do pretty decent, they always seem to sign a decent centre midfielder, or a young promising striker, and go on to be top 10 easy every year.
  8. I would find it not as rewarding to download tactics, I'd rather do the hard work myself, but I do like how the community is so willing to upload and share there own creations, thats pretty cool.
  9. And then a further rant about the OP's rant about people ranting. Its a cirklejerk.
  10. Ive had it when ive had someone on an individual training focus for say finishing, and then the other stats drop by one or 2, annoys me so i dont really put people on PPM or "intense" training for a certain atribute.
  11. Dont forget big man Hartsons kick to Begovich face! Also its probably because Chopra is touchy after another horse didnt come in... Cheltenham Racecourse isnt too far from Forest Green...
  12. hes 22 keep him and he will be worth a lot more in the future. Failing that pay the wages and if hes still touted after and its hurting your balance that much, sell him and replace.
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