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  1. Morroco: 2050 World Cup Whilst my club career has seen me go unemployed for the past two seasons I can’t help but apologise for inundating you all with my international exploits. My most recent time being with Morocco. The year 2050 began with a couple of African Cup of Nations qualifiers, that we navigated with real ease. Firstly we saw off Botswana 2-0 before thumping Equatorial Guinea 4-0 a few days later. This set us up nicely for the summer, and the World Cup in Brazil. I say that but our preparation for the competition really didn’t go well. We were beaten 2-3 by Sweden before figh
  2. Morocco: 2049 Review It's approaching two years since I won the Bundesliga title with RB Leipzig and left at the expiration of my contract with the club. At that moment I certainly didn't feel like I would still be hunting my next club job nearly two years later. Part of the issue was probably myself, as I was somewhat consumed with my career within international management. A failure at the Copa America with Columbia was followed by more of the same in the African Cup of Nations with Nigeria. I quickly picked up a position to become the new manager of Morocco and set my focus back on try
  3. Thankfully I have recovered the error. I went back to a save a couple of days before and then went through the process again. Basically once set to join the game don't turn the game off before it all becomes active!
  4. Nigeria: African Cup of Nations 2049 Having only taken over the role of manager of Nigeria at the end of the Copa America it was already time for me to take charge of the side in a major tournament situation. Unbeaten in various qualifiers with me at the helm it’s fair to say that hopes and expectations were high in regard to having a positive go at the competition. It wouldn’t be easy though as I looked to win the African Cup of Nations for Nigeria for the first time since way back in 2029. The draw for the group stage was pretty kind really, with Mali probably our biggest threat. We wer
  5. I will have a look when I get home coz it’s probably me being silly.
  6. I’m a little worried. I added a couple of nations about a week before they would enter the game but when the date came and went they just disappeared and that was that. It’s happened two summers running with the French league, and at the moment I’m just stuck without a job coz nobody in Spain seems to get sacked. Worried it’s gonna kill my most enjoyable save ever.
  7. Does anybody have any idea as to why my game has stopped adding leagues to my game? Ive set them up to be added but the date just comes and goes and they’ve disappeared from my list of leagues? It’s happened twice with France but then this season happened with three different nations. Frustrating coz I’ve had to spend a year without a club so far and there is no sign of that ending! is it a problem others have seen or had? It could be a save breaker as I’m just stuck unemployed at the moment with no end in sight?!
  8. Nigeria: 2048 Update Although my club career has been filled with success, internationally I have endured some difficult times. A Nations League win with France about as good as it has got so far. A really poor showing by my Columbia team in the Copa America saw me jump over to Africa and take on the vacant position with Nigeria, just a few months shy of the African Cup of Nations. Another realistic trophy hanging in the balance, although first I would have to ensure my new nation were to qualify. Fortunately it took just my first two matches in charge to ensure we would be competing in t
  9. Columbia: Copa America 2048 My first major tournament as manager of Columbia was finally upon us, and I was excited to take my side into the Copa America. I did spring a late surprise with my squad though, leaving out all time record goal scorer and Barcelona legend Ruben Polo. He hasn’t impressed since I took charge scoring just once prior to the tournament, and I decided to try a different option instead. The decision wasn’t well received by the media or people of Columbia, but I was confident we could do better without him in our ranks. It didn’t look that way in our first game as
  10. Red Bull Leipzig: 2047/48 Review My third full season at the helm was an important one as I looked to capitalise on previous successes to try and take my club forward and win some more trophies. I entered the last season of my contract here full of hope and excited to try and win more trophies at the helm. We spent a chunk of money in the summer once more, including parting with £50,000,000 for central defender Ramon Santamaria from FC Porto. A player I had high hopes for having used him in my Columbia side. We made a profit in the market though, whilst still putting together a squad I f
  11. I had a pop with Deportivo and it was good fun. Promotion first season was fairly simple although the league rules were a bit funky. My lack of managerial ability let me down after that though. I would imagine somebody better could have a really enjoyable save with them though. Palermo are another team i would love to try on this version but haven’t got round to it yet.
  12. @Gammonds what a great read and what a great season. Pretty dominant if not a season that must’ve kept you on your toes? Where are you aiming for your next move?
  13. Red Bull Leipzig: 2046/47 Review My first full season at the helm of RB Leipzig ended in the best possible way, as we snapped the league title on the final day of the league season. Another trophy to my personal collection, and another one counting towards this challenge. Soon afterwards I took my number one in the world France team into the World Cup in South Korea, but we flopped and crashed out in the Second Round. I departed France, but soon took up a new international position as manager of Columbia. Going into this season I was more than confident in my RB Leipzig side performing we
  14. @SK whilst in South Africa it was only really ES Tunis who seemed to be way better. Al-Ahly weren’t bad but I remember beating them with SuperSport. On my save ES Tunis are regularly winning the Champions League. In fact they have won like 9 of the last 12 or so. And lost in the final on at least one of the missing years.
  15. @fraz86 I would recommend Dulwich Hamlet, as much as that pains me as a secondary Maidstone United fan. Big club for the level so funds are not a huge issue. Being based in London helps with catchment of players released by some of the bigger clubs in the pyramid too.
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