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  1. Lancaster City FC: 2025/26 Preview I'm four seasons into my journey with this football club, and if I have to summarise then it wouldn't be very positive. An improvement of just seven league positions means we are still slumming away in the Conference North, and so far haven't even managed to have a crack at the play-offs. This season is absolutely pivotal for us, as I feel we're in a real danger of stagnating if we can't look towards promotion into the Conference National. It won't be easy, but last season we were just a point off of the play off places. Surely a positive summer in the t
  2. Lancaster City FC: 2024/25 Review My fourth season at the helm of this club has drawn to a close, and I am not going to lie about being left increasingly frustrated. So much so, that I was moments away from resigning from my post after the last game of the campaign. What looked for so long like a positive season ended in huge disappointment, and we are left scratching our heads as to what went wrong. In all honesty we spent too much of the season reliant on striker Lamine Balde. The 19-year old Portuguese smashed home 33 league goals in 46 matches as he propelled us into what looked
  3. Lancaster City FC: 2024/25 Season Preview We're now three seasons into my journey in charge of this football club, and three mid-table finishes have provided a steady base upon which to work forward from. This is probably the season in which we need to make a slightly bigger step up though, and preferably start looking towards a potential promotion into the Conference National. Keeping this club afloat at this level has been a success, but three years in we should be looking at a significant improvement now. Off the field the club could do with promotion too. Despite a fairly small week
  4. Lancaster City FC: 2023/24 Review So my third season in charge of this football club has come to an end, and to be honest it proved to be a season of what could of been rather than a season of success. We should be happy really though, with a club record high league finish as well as the club record for points gained in a season at this level. It just feels a little sour, as it appeared for a fair while that we were in for a much better season than we actually managed. We actually started the season really well, as the addition of goalkeeper Ryan Pardo-Roques and left back Mark Cli
  5. So my third season in charge of Lancaster City is drawing to a close and should be completed this evening. It looks like being a season of disappointment, but hopefully I can turn things around over the past 5 matches. I’ll update you when I’ve finished my campaign.
  6. Lancaster City FC: 2023/24 Season Preview We've had two pretty solid campaigns so far here, but now feels like it has to be the time to start moving upwards. Financially the club is beginning to struggle, and promotion to the Conference National would help massively with the added funds. We allowed a number of players to leave the club, as I aimed to strengthen our squad on a shoestring. After spending the end of last season on loan with us, Sonny Wake went back to his parent club Plymouth Argyle. Contract expirations saw another five players depart, including players who had featured reg
  7. Lancaster City FC: 2022/23 Season Review My second season has drawn to a close, and it was a season in which we performed solidly enough without being spectacular. We flattered to deceive and would have to settle for another season of mid table mediocrity. I should be happy enough, but it would have been nice for a little more. The season actually started horrifically as we failed to find the net in any of our first three games and picked up just a solitary point. We finally scored in our fourth match of the campaign, but it would take us a further two matches to find ou
  8. That's a pretty solid opening season there @dafuge. A very similar campaign to mine actually, with a solid mid-table finish. Hopefully you'll push on in your second campaign. Out of interest why is the challenge named after you? Did you complete it before anybody or came up with the concept?
  9. Lancaster City: 2021/22 Season Preview My time at the helm here started fairly well, with a solid mid-table finish capping off a decent campaign. 15th placed is a position I would've taken at the start of the season, especially as we didn't have to worry at any stage about dropping into a relegation battle. A disappointing end to the campaign put a slight dampener on things, but all in all I was left content with our efforts. Ambitions for my second campaign here are similar, with the board happy for another season of avoiding a relegation battle. I would like a bit of improvement, and wi
  10. Lancaster City FC: 2020/21 Season Review So my first season at the helm of this club is over, which means its time for me to update you all on my progress. I'll start with a quick background on the club though, as clubs at this level aren't the most well known. Lancaster City FC are a semi-professional non-league football club based in Lancaster, Lancashire. They were founded back in 1917, and are nicknamed 'The Dolly Blues'. This is taken from the dolly blue washing tablets and bags which were manufactured in the town in the early 20th century. The side play their home games at the 'Gi
  11. After a failure with Chesham United, I have restarted and am the new manager of Lancaster City FC. I've played through over half of the first season, and will return at the end of the campaign with a more detailed update on our progress.
  12. I'll be keeping a keen eye. I struggled with them on my save, hence my restart. Be interesting to see how differently you approach it and how you get on.
  13. My Chesham United game hit a sour note early on, and after 20 games or so we were failing miserably. I believe I signed too many young prospects and not enough quality. I have restarted the challenge as Lancaster City, and things have started much better. I’ll update at some point once I’m sure the game is here to stay. For some reason I really have always found the Conference North much easier than the South. Anybody agree?
  14. @G_D_K I’d bite your hands off for Wingate & Finchley. Or Matlock Town if they pop up.
  15. Chesham United: Takeover Report (July 2021) So Chesham United FC have given me my break in management, and I am absolutely delighted to be undertaking this challenge once more. The club are a semi-professional outfit, nicknamed ‘The Generals’. My long term targets are clear, but in the short and immediate future it’s about setting us up and looking to lay the groundwork for a successful career. The club were founded in 1917 after a merger between Chesham Town and Chesham Generals, hence the nickname. They play their home games at 'The Meadow', which as a seated area of 284 and a capacity
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