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  1. Krc Genk "balance" is 129.5M euros!?? Seems a bit too high. In FM19 they had 7M euros balance. They spent and earned about eaqual, about 40M euros in the pre-season. Having 130M euros balance is really strange ..
  2. They spent and earned about equal amount, about 40-ish M euros .. In FM 19 they had 7M euro balance and now they have 129.5M euro. Thats strange. I cant post screenshot cuzz my HDD is broken, but can you please check the situation? I would appreciate it.
  3. Yes it is! I started my save with Genk but it was ruined bcuzz of this, seems too high and easy to begin with ..
  4. Can someone from SI confirm that 130M balance for KRC GENK is accurate? I think its too high .. 2nd richest club in Belgium, Club Brugge - 35M balance ..
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