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  1. hi,i play a whole season in beta with barcelona positives:1 no more long balls-assist from center backs 2 no more shoots from wide players 3 wide players now pass and cross 4 fix penalties(now you dont miss most) negatives:1 still cant score in one/one....and i have messi,suarez,griezman...when one to one they score 1 in 8-9 chances....and i have messi.... 2:too many long shots,and the most get in(score)..i have busquets(all we know that she score very ralery)and he score in a season 10 goals from long shots... 3:before beta with the same tactic my striker(messi) always run on to goalkeeper,drible and try to score...in beta he never runs on to goalkeeper..(same tactic)...and he goes wide,to cross...for no reason...he never drible in beta(and i have instruction drible more) 4:a lot of head-goal....they score my shorter players with heading 6-10... 5:still many shots per game...i have 30,40,50 shots,around 18-25 on target...this is not right...i cant remember even barcelona in real,to have 35-50 shots in a game...and even that you have 18-25 shots on target,still you cant score easy....messi has around 8-14 shots per game and cant score...the most goals he score,are from penalties and direct free kicks...the best striker in world has 8-14 shots per game and he score,none,1 or even 2(surely 1 penalty)...this is not right..and he cant score in 1/1... 6:a lot of penalties....i win penalty every 2 or 3 games... 7:strikers they are in position(clear chance)to take a shoot,but they give pass back... 8:goalkeepers are still in "god mode"...."they make god saves"...very good,nobody like karious(haha)
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