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  1. I think what he's trying to say is if you download the filters from the OP they include the missing positions eg. RWB and LWB
  2. Hey TFF I've noticed when you do your list of suitable players you use their CA rather position ratings. Are their position ratings not important as I see a lot that dont correlate to their CA eg. Someone with a much higher CA has a much lower position rating for their position in the tactic? Would the hIgher CA or position rating be better? 🤔
  3. Good to hear from you mate. Glad your still working on things during lockdown and staying safe and well. Keep up the good work its much appreciated by me and countless others 👌😤
  4. Cheers mate. Also is there a way of designating a specific position to take set pieces regardless of whose selected to play there or do you have to do it manually?
  5. How do you guys decide what yoing players will develop good attributes that match the filters for your tactics?
  6. I never thought of it like that. Makes perfect sense. Nice one mate your an FM legend!!
  7. Hey TFF having great success with all your tactics. Just a quick query should I pay more attention to say CA and PA ratings rather than the important attributes you have listed. For example if I had a player with a much higher CA but the other had better attributes as you had listed which should I go for?
  8. Just a quick word of thanks to you TFF. Thanks to you tactics I finally started enjoying the game again with a lot more consistency and a lot less randomness. Currently in my 4th season with Arsenal and 6 games away from an invincible season 👌👍 so thank you once again!
  9. New combo working well for me. But am I missing something with the long throws. Havent scored from one yet and they just seem to throw it long straight to oppositions keeper?
  10. Not having any consistency or success with these or any tactics in this years game. In fact with the Arsenal save my league points total has gone down each season with the updated tactics and squad improvements. Very frustrating!! I'm sticking with my FM19 saves I think 😔
  11. What individual training should we put our AM on for Bloodlust V2 mate?
  12. Do we still train the full-backs as WBR and WBL in individual training as per the OP when using Bloodlust even if they play in a flat back 4 in that formation?
  13. Has there been any news on whether the public beta will be released fully yet? Would you say using Destroyer and the public beta is still the most effective and enjoyable option right now?
  14. Have to hand it to you and SI the public beta ME is soo much better. No more of that ridiculous one-on-one conversion rates! Your Destroyer tactics are working like a dream too with great results and good football with it too 👌👍
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