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  1. My Profile - Let The Challenge Begin
  2. Just Holidaying Atm Hoping To Be Fc United. Anyone Got Any Tips For Quality Signings?
  3. Hows Your Team Doing Could You Post A Screen Shot Of Your Team
  4. I hope to develop good young talent by signning young players those keepers are good how much would they cost to sign
  5. I Signed A Few Good Players JUst Need A Really Good Keeper Got 5mill
  6. i play 4-2-3-1 formation if you no what i mean. who should i sell that will bring in some cash
  7. i got 8mill to spend on new players
  8. Just Starting My Hull Campaine With The Weegie Update. Any Ideas Who To Sign?
  9. Mike next time your on can you put the game up so i can do reports and sort my team out etc. cheers.
  10. does anyone no any good staff that would go to san marino thanks
  11. Hi i quite like this challenge been doing dafuges at the moment but may do this instead i think im going to be the mighty san marino. will post regular updates.
  12. I also get the save game could not be loaded could anyone help?? Thanks
  13. What so it might work with scotland? spotg do you think it would.
  14. o ok. I guess we will have to think of another league but once we get an idea can we use it. Do you no if germany or spain work in the same way as England