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  1. Apologies if I have missed this, but has there been any word as to when we can expect the January/Winter update to be released this year?
  2. I'm not sure about how all this is implementedf FM, but from a stats point of view I disagree. If a particular chance has a very low XG, lets say 0.05, you would expect an "average" striker to score one in twenty of these opportunities. If you have 20 such chances per game then, on average and discounting short term variability, you would expect to get 1 goal. Similarly, if your team instead takes just 2 shots but they are all good quality chances with an XG of 0.5, you would also expect to average 1 goal per game. That is the definition of XG. It accounts for the quality of th
  3. I know what you mean, but that is how XG is supposed to work. They might be "low percentage" chances, but if you add them all up, a few of them should go in. Unless your strikers (or whoever the chances are falling to) are really poor, you should be scoring >1 goal from XG of ~4.9, that's literally the point of the stat. My first check would be to see who is taking the shots. Is it often players with poor attributes? XG is the number of goals an "average" player would score, so if your players are below average...... The other (quite likely) option is that the ME has issues with
  4. Awesome post I really like the idea of almost separating the attacking/defensive mentality. The more I think about it, the better this represents some of the most famous systems. Pep's Barca - aggressive defending to win the ball back, but relatively cautious attack (focused on retaining possession) Klopp / Gegenpress - aggressive attacks and aggressive defence Alex Ferguson's United - aggressive, quick attacks but a more cautious defence/press
  5. Following this with interest. I also have plans for a fluid-counter attack, asymmetric system I'm particularly interested to see how you set up the right-wing and playmaker. I also wondered why you chose the DLF role? You probably don't want the ball-magnet effect of a trequartista but maybe a shadow-striker could also work?
  6. Your setup is not unlike the formation Solskjaer has been using for Man Utd this season Neither McTominay or Fred are natural 'holding' midfielders in the classic sense but their energy makes up for what they lack in positional discipline. If your players have similar attributes (high work rate + reasonable acceleration/pace to recover) it should work. You could consider changing to Trq-A to an AP-A to increase that player's contribution in defence.
  7. The ME blog has perfectly captured the issues with the FM20 match engine - especially central play, 1v1s, attacking movement. If FM21 actually does fix these isues like the blog suggests it will be incredible. Fingers crossed
  8. Some interesting replies here - it seems like we are all in broad agreement Agreed, I had overlooked this but it works much better with 'Carrick' covering on the right and 'Scholes' on the left. Some of the other main differences: Scholes - DLP vs RPM This probably doesn't make too much difference, but I still think RPM better replicates his forward movement and general link play. DLP is a bit passive sometimes. Ronaldo - IF vs IW An interesting one, in reality he was probably an IF playing the IW position I do find that, even in the AMR slot, the IF does drop back
  9. Part 2 is up Completely agree with both of these points. My interpretation is basically how they played at home in games they expected to dominate. Away, particularl in Europe, they used a different system. Ji-Sung Park and Anderson were crucial in these games but rarely featured in others. But re-creating that is for another day.......
  10. So…. The results I am currently managing Benfica, trying to bring through their ‘golden generation’ of Dantas, Alvaro, Tavares, Florentino et al. I’ve also added Sandro Tonali, Tiago Almada, Matias Arezo and Renyer, so the future is looking bright J It is a shame that FM20 will be the last chance to try this, as most of the real-life team have been sold over the last two years. Line-Up Here is how we line up: AC Milan inexplicably allowed Donnurumma to leave on a free transfer, so he is my clear No 1. Andre Almeida is a solid if unspectacular right-back whilst Grimaldo
  11. It is getting to that stage where people might be a bit bored of FM20 and/or waiting for the new edition to be released, so I thought I would write up a few tactic re-creations and experiments I have been using recently. As always, comments and suggestions are welcome First up is a re-creation of one of my all-time favourite sides – Man Utd 07-09. Man Utd dominated English football between 2007 and 2009, winning three league titles in a row. They added the Champions League in 2008 and were just two games away from winning an unprecedented 5 trophies in 2009 (League cup, Premie
  12. ^ an unnecessarily aggressive response don't you think? A left wing-back moving into the centre of a back 3 is unnatural behaviour. Maybe it is tactical, maybe it is not. I was merely suggesting that he let SI take a look and they can decide whether the bug is "imaginary" or not.
  13. It could be worth submitting this to the bugs forum? Maybe your pressing and defence set-up is contributing, but regardless of how you set your team up that shouldn't be happening IMO.
  14. If you can use one of the central midfielders instead, then a CM with defend duty and the 'stay wider' PI will get close the behaviour you are looking for when in possession (assuming there are no conflicting PPM's etc). This is the closest I can get to how Arteta has used central midfielders to cover for his full-backs.
  15. Of course having a coherant tactic is going to improve results overall, but this specific issue seems to happen regardless of the roles/duties/formation. If you watch the whole game its even more noticeable/infuriating. The wide player beats his man, stops, waits for the defender to catch up then thumps a 'cross' straight at him. So the question is, is there any combination of TI's/PI's that avoid this? I've not found any yet...
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