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  1. Hi and thanks for your reply. In the thread you posted, one member posted the same error that I have. That's exactly the problem I'm experiencing.
  2. Hello SI-Team, I really hope that I'm not opening an unnecessary thread. I already asked for help in some forums but no one had an idea. Maybe it's a bug. My second squad does not have any games or a match plan. My U19 team does have it. I already changed the level of detail to maximum. My second squad is ATM playing in the 3. Bundesliga. So it should be simulated with highlights etc. Attached are 2 screenshots with the match plans and also the editing file. As you can see, there are no games for the second squad. I'm using an editing file for deeper level leagues like Regionalliga. This file is very popular on the german board "meistertrainerforum.de". I also asked there if anybody is having the same problem using this file. No one had this. I already uploaded the savegame to your cloud today. "Dorussia Bortmund.fm" at 20:20. Thank you so much for your effort. Best regards Dennis Fussball-Ligasystem Deutschland.fmf
  3. Hello SI-Team, I'm having a really annoying problem with my staff and I'd love if someone could help me with a tipp.Absolutely random the Staff responsibilities change. For example: I'm doing all transfers and contracs on my own. Also for the staff itself. But when I simulate a few days or save and load the game all options are changed. Another example that more often happens: I have the responsibility on my own for on loan players. To sign contracts etc. But everytime I load the game new, the responsibility goes to my technican manager. I uploaded the savegame in your cloud on 15.01.2020, 20:20. It's called "Dorussia Bortmund.fm" Thank you so much for your effort. best regards Dennis
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