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  1. Looking to start a new save with MK Dons... What tactic would you guys recommend? @knap @Cadoni @RDF Tactics
  2. What are 2 good tactics to alternate between for home and away games throughout a season?
  3. Hey Guys, finally just got promoted to the premier league with Stoke City. First season in the prem what tactic would you guys recommend? @knap @Cadoni @RDF Tactics
  4. @Cadoni so u use the 2 matches when theres 2 games in a week. the no matches when theres none? what about the chance creation?
  5. @Cadoni could you drop me a screenshot on how your training looks mate. im confused a lot here aha. what combination exactly?
  6. @Cadoni indivudal training? just train the players in the role their playing? do u suggest?
  7. So how does the training look week in week out? @knap @Cadoni
  8. @knap what tactic would be best to start a career with stoke?
  9. @Totalfootballfan is there filters for Annilihator?
  10. @Totalfootballfan cheers mate will let you know how I get on.
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