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  1. No , he is right the ME is perfectly balanced and takes into more than single attribute into account. There were posts about penalty taking is related with players weight/height ratio in steam forums.
  2. Public beta seems like a trick to stall players in order to gain more time for fixing ME. The CCCs are reduced so low that the ME relies on goals from longshot and chaotic ways.I had a game resutled 6-3 and the CCCs are 2 to 1. The defenders zombies all the time, does nothing after clearence from defending a set piece while opposite cuts the ball back and scores. Penalties are still a joke, as my main penalty kicker scored only 1 in 4 with a penalty taking 15. Guys with dribbling 9 can run past all the field and make an assist while my defenders zombies,long shot 6 players make screamers whil
  3. Yep, I think same as you. After a while you can figure out what will be the decision and most of the time I just change it to commentary only to speed up VAR process. If I understand correctly, We need to wait till March to have a complete game which we paid in November.It sounds like a new Preorder method ,others should learn from that. I hope this does not get deleted cause I need to remember why i should not buy the game next year.
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