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  1. Hi! Posted this on HFBoards, but someone redirected me to here, as would fit better. The thing I enjoy most about EHM is the scouting and development of players. Hope 1.5 expands into that.For example:- Being able to hire more scouts;- The possibility of a bigger range of negative PA-ratings in the database;- A better ingame star-rating. For example, when you scout a player once you find out he's going to be, for example, at least a 1 star player and at most a 5 star player. You can show this by displaying 1 gold star and 4 additional black stars. The more you scout them the clearer the picture gets. After scouting them multiple times you end up with, for example, 3 gold stars and a half black star (you can't be a 100% certain at any time). You can do this with both current ability as potential future ability (so every player would have 2 ratings that can be scouted); - Redefined Projected career role: to me, it feels like there are too much players with a really high projected role. It shouldn't have to feel bad to draft, for example, a forward with 2nd line potential at the end of the first round of the draft. In the lower rounds of the draft I still see quite a lot of players with high potential, while it feels, by far, most of them should have a bottom 6/bottom pairing career role (with the exception for a few hidden gems here and there);- Better optimized roles. It sucks when you come across a player with great PA/CA/great mentals who will bust because he got the 'physical playmaker' role assigned;- I'd like to be able to give a scout an assignment: for example, find me defensive prospects for the next draft that will be able to play a specific role, has a certain potential future ability, etc.;- Scouts from a certain area have more impact when scouting in that region; - Being able to start a save at the start of a draft. - Learning (young) players to play at another position (I know the option is in the game, but it isn't working) or to adapt a different role. Like how Sammy Blais came into the NHL as a skilled forward but had to adapt to a power forward to stick in the NHL.
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