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  1. Thanks for taking the time to reply. I'm using the same build of steam on my PC as you are, so I'm assuming it's the latest one. In terms of if it's downloading or not, I have absolutely no idea. I checked the library and nothing seems to be happening, so I'm assuming it's downloaded? I've never used steam before, so I'm ashamed to admit I'm out of my comfort zone with all this stuff! Anyway, I'll reset my pc and let you know how I get on! Thanks again for trying to help! Edit to say, I just played around with the views in steam, and one of them says the game is ready to play, but when I try to start the game I get the error message. I'll restart now!
  2. Hi Neil, This may seem like a stupid question, but how do you know if it's downloading and installing a patch and not just a technical error? Also while I agree that you're right with any piece of software would be unavailable during an updating process, the difference is that with other software you would schedule this procedure to occur at a time convenient to you. The problem is I only have a free hour now, so I'd prefer to play now, and update this evening as opposed to being forced to do that now.
  3. Compulsory retirement FM2011

    Right, cheers :-)
  4. Ronseal really! I'm willing to bet that this has been covered already, But I couldn't find it in the search functions. Is there an age of compulsory retirement on FM2011?
  5. Thanks for the update Matt. Quick question, do you know if it's been designed to include the transfer issues (players being sold for ridiculous wages?) Ta!
  6. Seconded! (And I'm sure a lot of other users would agree...)
  7. Best news I've heard so far today! :-)
  8. I like the ideas generally. I'd probably throw my support behind the training idea. "Allow our assistants/coaches to generate new schedules according to their training attributes." This makes a lot of sense and would be a good way of making the training attributes of your coaching staff more important...
  9. *twiddles thumbs* Meh these things happen, I just hope the hotfix is released before the weekend. I'm going away for a week. Having looked fwd to the game this long, I'll be gutted if I have to wait another week before leading to Barcelona to world domination...
  10. new patch

    The minute after this thread is closed... (Or more likely around mid feb as has been done previously!)
  11. What difference does the captain make to the team? Is it mainly a cosmetic thing?
  12. Surely that would mean that if PLayer B had less than 10 for jumping (i.e. less than 180 cm in this example) then when jumping he'd end up at a height of less than 180cm. He'd be better off standing still!
  13. Unsettled Players

    If it needs fixing, does it classify as a bug? If so, maybe this has been posted in the wrong place?
  14. patch well done

    Does that mean the patch isnt available yet? Was hoping to download it before tomorrow when i get the boxed version!