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  1. Well I've just finished my first season as Newcastle and to say I struggled would be an understatement. I always like to keep the game as realistic as possible (as realistic as a Sunday league player with no qualifications taking over a Premier League team can be!), I also disable first window transfers as well, I managed to finish 15th and reached the rounds I needed to to keep the board happy in both cups. I was taken over by the Greek Consortium led by Thodoris Zagorakis, they didn't supply any further funds and delayed me signing anyone by stalling the takeover talks until late in the window (sound familiar to any of you?). Once in place it was a mad scramble to bolster the squad and I ended up with cheap foreign loans (sound familiar anyone?), I ended up with the following on loan: Able Ruiz a young forward from Barcelona who ended up playing very little and was solely loaned in for cover, Denis Suarez also arrived from Barcelona, he supplied some important goals as a behind the forward play maker in my battle against relegation, Michael Krmencik arrived on loan from Viktoria Pizen via my DOF, he didn't end up playing much either as I tended to rely on a combination of Rondon and Muto. A very frustrating season where I could never seem to go on a run of results, I spent far too much time tinkering with formations/styles and training but given that I have no qualifications or experience I believe I did quite well, my team talks were basically rendered obsolete until I'd earned a tiny bit of respect from the player, this didn't happen until roughly Christmas time. Just when I thought I'd be looking towards next season building my own team I've now been told I need 7 points from my opening games or its bye bye Mr Nelson!!
  2. Asus X555L 15.6" Gaming Laptop i7-4510U 8GB 1TB SSHD Win 10 Nvidia GeForce 820M thinking of buying this for the fm 2017 will this run about 5 leagues England, Germany, Spanish, French, Scottish and is it good enough for medium 3D settings, thanks in advance for any help.
  3. Yeah that's how it works, I like to keep in as real as possible but it's verging on impossible as once you have one fall out with a player the rest of them team backs him and you lose the dressing room quickly, team talks are difficult as well as the players don't respect you!
  4. Hi everyone, there's some cracking saves going on here with Newcastle, I was just wondering what starting reputation you start with as I'm starting Sunday morning footballer with no qualifications and finding it hard to get past December in my first season!
  5. Well finally finished my first season with my little 'Sunday Morning player' challenge and managed to finish 7th and sneak into the Europa league!! I thought Kinnear wasn't doing a bad job at first, he loaned in Zaha (who I didn't really need), then he bought in Honda for nowt, then he proceeded to get rid of my 'deadwood' Jonas, Williamson, Obertan, Marvaux and terminated Goslings contract at a saving, amassing me a nice little 'nest egg' of £12 million, then he went and promptly blew the lot on 31 year old Ricky Lambert!!! Now as much as I like Lambert as a player both IRL and on the game and don't get me wrong he's scored 6 in 12 since joining, there's no way I'd have spent £12 million on a 31 year old, to top it off the fans couldn't believe we'd managed to get him for such a reasonable price as it was £5.7million straight away with £5.4million after 10 league goals!
  6. Well 15 games in and I'm sitting in 8th place and due to disabling transfers in the first window Kinnear has been pretty redundant apart from loaning in Zaha on deadline day who I didn't really need, I've put him charge of everything he can be apart from finalising first team signings as surely even puppet Pardew wouldn't stand for that? I've also put hiring and firing the director of football to fat Mike so it's up to him how long his mate stays :-s
  7. This is proving to be a really tough challenge as none of my players that have a year left on their contracts want to renew and team talks are basically a bust as no matter what I say even praising a player results in them coming back with "Player X believes that manager lacks credibility", of cause it doesn't help when your first league game of the season is a poor scrappy 1-0 defeat away to the great unwashed across the river, I don't even have luck on my side as my next game was at home against Stoke which even though I played well and was winning 1-0 with 5 minutes to go the ref gave a penalty against Colo for a challenge on Crouch, after the game it said in the referee performance that he made the controversial decision to award the penalty, I promptly slated him to the press and the F.A done nowt proving I'd been robbed, I'm going to stick with it and plough on through, who knows what will happen when Kinear has free reign in January :-s
  8. Hi guys and girls been a while since I've posted but really enjoying reading the thread. I'm going to start a Newcastle save and want to make this the most realistic experience for me which means no transfers in the first window, leaving Joe Kinnear in charge to do what he feels is right (face palm), and finally setting my reputation to Sunday league footballer. I've read on here of some fantastic first season's where people are winning the league and marching onto Champions League glory but my main question is this, do any of you set their reputation as low as possible and approach the game the way I'm planning on doing it?
  9. First things first can I just say a big thank you for the time and effort that everyone has put into this great update, secondly I've started a new save with Newcastle and have noticed that Alan Smith has been made a free agent which is incorrect he's still at the club picking up those £60000 a week wages, I wish he had been released but unfortunately this isn't the case.
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