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  1. Yep, I should have checked the rules page under the competition details - as you both said you can break the match squad rules but will get a £5k fine. Thanks for your help. Good news actually as I'd rather pay the fine and rotate more heavily in the Checkatrade Trophy than I did last season. During the congested stages of the season especially I need to try and keep the first team's energy levels high if we're pushing for promotion and it gives everyone in the squad a run out. I've really missed U23s football for keeping match sharpness of some of my squad players up. As for the integrity of the cup, I do know I love a tunnocks caramel (and a tunnocks tea cake) and a British Isles cup sounds like fun and would add a lot of value, it's definitely something people would enjoy watching. Unfortunately it seems like this competition is already near rock bottom in terms of how much people value it, with really low attendance and even lower prize money, it's hardly even worthwhile. It's also adding to a heck of a lot of games - the league is already 46 games and then the League Cup, FA Cup, potentially the play-offs... it's a slog at times and it takes it's toll on all of us! It's always nice to win a trophy, it'd be extra nice if it was higher value, but then there's so many games happening it's hard to prioritise it like you might do the Champions League. So it's swings and roundabouts...
  2. Hi, Ran into something in the game and thought this would be a good place to ask about it. Currently managing Bradford City in FM 19 and when playing in the EFL/Checkatrade Trophy I like to heavily rotate my squad as it's not a priority competition. At the bottom of the team selection screen are the rules for the match day squad. There's one rule - "the starting eleven must include a minimum of 4 outfield players that were used in a previous official first-team match (injured players are exempt)". Next to this is the number of players in the starting eleven that meet this criterion and a little tool-tip which advises you on the players that would meet the criterion (those that appeared in the previous official first-team match). As you can see, the game thinks only 2 players in my team selection meet the criterion. Despite this, I was still able to go ahead and play the match? I was wondering if perhaps the rule was that 4 players must have been used in ANY first-team match, not just the one immediately before? In which case the advice alongside the match day squad rules seems misleading. Last season I was always trying to get the number up to 4 before proceeding Thanks
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