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  1. Good Morning @Harrison Modeste, Do you have any news about my issue? Best regards, William
  2. Hi @Harrison Modeste, I finally figure out! This issue seems to be related with the Samsung keyboard. The default keyboard installed with the tablet. Can you look in your side? However, the One UI version is 1.1 and the Android version is 9. Best regards, William
  3. Good Evening, @Harrison Modeste, The version of the game is 20.2.4 and the model number of my device is the following : Galaxy Tab A 10.1 (SM-T510). Best regards, William
  4. Good Morning, Harrison, Here the video captured from my device. Best regards, William fm20_touch_search_bar_bug[1].mp4
  5. Good Morning, SI team, I contact you today to take a census of very frustrating bugs I found in your Android version of Football Manager Touch. The first one is when the game go to the background, the touch input becomes no more precise. The second one is when I’m searching for players or teams in the search bar, the last one is only updated when I’m pressing the space bar in my virtual keyboard. Best regards, William
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