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  1. Has anyone else noticed that using this skin gives every team a plain white third kit, if they don't have one assigned in the editor? How can I fix this?
  2. Quick question. I'm using the most updated Real Name fixes from Mons over at Sortitoutsi (version 2.1, released March 1, 2014). I see that in your pack you have some files that seem to do the same? Should I delete anything from your pack, and if so, which files? Thanks!
  3. Here's what I came up with so far. Pretty basic, but I want to get a nice 4-4-2 working, focusing on wide play. Curious to get some thoughts on my CM pairing. Will the two playmakers be able to function together? Haven't applied any Team Instructions yet, because I want to get the roles down first and see how it plays.
  4. Ok, so I have a problem. I'm installing the graphics, and there are some competitions that don't show an ID. Not sure how to apply the graphics without knowing the ID. Example: (Yes, I have IDs turned on.)
  5. Ah, that makes sense. Only reason I ask is because I've got the following two players, and my first instinct is that I want the first player further up the field than the second. DLP?: BWM?
  6. How do you think this would work if I switched to a BWMd and a DLPs?
  7. Cheers NakS, the tweaks you suggested for what I had have really helped! The squad's doing strong in the early months of the season.
  8. You're right, both "Quick Throw" and "Defender Collect" seem to cause the fullbacks to drop deep. While I'd love to use Defender Collect, at the level I'm at right now I don't trust it, so I'd rather just have my keeper hoof it away!
  9. Shouldn't be, he's just a bog standard keeper (defend), no changes made. Odd that it says he's set to "Quick Throw" automatically, since he never does that. I'll try manually setting it to have him lump it forward next match and see if that helps.
  10. So I've settled on my shape and player roles for now: Everything aside from that is on default settings. What I'm having a hard time doing is figuring out what Philosophy, Playing Style settings, and shouts I should use to get the team playing the way I'd like: Basically, primarily want things to come from my wingers working the touchline and putting crosses in. I want them to be able to take on and beat their man, or latch onto a diagonal ball from one of my center mids. Too often I've noticed my wingers get the ball around the halfway line and instead of trying to take on their man or play a one two, they just launch the ball over the top to no one, and we lose possession. Defensively, simple is how I want to keep it. I may not need to make any changes, but any suggestions are welcome. The only thing bothering me is this fullbacks issue, brought up here.
  11. Wondering if anyone's run into this before? Happens mostly on goal kicks, but I've seen it happen sometimes when my keeper gets the ball during play. Running a 4-4-2, and ideally I'd rather my centerbacks be the ones who are the furthest back, and possibly a bit wider than normal, with the Fullbacks more advanced.
  12. Starting to feel like I'm in over my head here. I can see that the team isn't playing how I'd like, I just have no idea what I need to do to change that. I've poured through lots of threads here and it's all basically discussing 4-5-1s (or some variation). I know 4-4-2 isn't popular anymore, but it seems like nobody's talking about it because everyone else knows how to properly set one up (except me! haha). I know the team needs to jell, but that leads me to another thing I have absolutely no clue on... general/match training. Have no idea what a good, basic way to set that would be. Same problem I'm having with tactics. I'm really leaning towards restarting the save, and not using any specialist roles. Just a TM, Poacher, two wingers, two CMs (defend/support), fullbacks, centerbacks. Leave everything on default.... I'm lost!
  13. So we got hammered, 4-1. Our goal came late after we were down 4 goals... Can't tell if this was just "one of those games" or if my tactics are off. Still don't know what's happening with my centerbacks. It's really noticeable when my keeper has the ball, they move way up the field, just behind the opposition strikers. The problem is my fullbacks sit really deep on the wings, leaving lots of room for any striker with decent pace to just skate on past my centerbacks. Has anyone encountered this? Is there a guide out there on how to set up a simple 4-4-2, something that will help me get a tactic to work without many adjustments, that I can tweak once results are steady?
  14. So this happened: My centerbacks closed down way too high (I'm on Zonal marking), not playing offside trap either, so my fullbacks didn't move up. My center mids also didn't do much more than traffic cones could do. Would switching to man marking help this? I'd really love to stay on Zonal, any role suggestions that would help? I'd prefer my centerbacks here to hold their position and for the CMs to pick up the men instead.
  15. Got a chance to play my first league match, came out with a comfortable 3-1 win, with their goal coming in the 90th minute. Used the settings from my first post, with the exception of swapping the DF support for a TM support, due to injury. I think I liked how that played, as he held the ball up quite well for us which allowed the rest of the team to get involved. I did make one switch, after 15 minutes. We were already up 1-0, but I wasn't enjoying the fact that the team was essentially bypassing the wingers all together, so I scrapped the idea of playing 'More Direct,' which seemed to solve the problem. I'm still not sure what I should do with my fullbacks. They were solid in defense, but they only got off one cross each (which may have more to do with their quality than my tactic). I'd like them to be a bit more involved in the offense, but wouldn't want to lose too much cover. I have them on automatic now, and I'm not sure if I should stick with that or if support would be better suited. Anyway, here's some match stats: Any advice on what to look for in the Analysis tab? I did notice this to be a bit wonky, the BWM was pulling himself out of position a bit and at times the DLP wasn't able to cover for him. I'll swap them around next match and see how they get on. What would an alternative to the BWM be, if I wanted to keep the DLP on support? Just a CM defend?
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