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  1. I am managing AC Milan and based on the reputation, seems like my team has better reputation at this point than barcelona or Real Madrid. I won UEFA Champions back to back for 2 years now beating PSG, Real Madrid, Man City. I get that players want to try a new challenge, but this seems to happen to every player whenever they get an offer from teams like Real Madrid, Barcelona, PSG, etc.
  2. Hi SI community, i am confused about how this game works. My team wins the UEFA Champions League for 2 seasons in a row. Then, Liverpool wanted to buy my striker, Erling Haaland. When i rejected the bid, he got upset and wanted to leave the club. This is not the first time this has happened. It is interesting how a player wants to leave my team since i just won UEFA twice in a row. It seems like it happens a lot if the offer comes from Big Clubs like Real Madrid, Barcelona, Liverpool, etc. I just think it is not logical that a player wants to leave a championship team to join other team that does not even reach semi final in UEFA
  3. Thank you @JordanMillward_1 for the public beta!
  4. Hello guys, i feel like it is extremely difficult for my strikers to score when it's 1v1 with GK. I have Moise Kean and Erling Haaland as my strikers and they cannot even score a goal against a really bad GK when it is 1v1. I get it that not in ever 1v1 situation strikers score, but in my case, almost out of 10 one vs one cases, there is only one goal or sometimes no goal at all. I mean this is 1 v 1 with no defender around.
  5. Hello folks, This is my first post. This is just a suggestion post. Imo, i personally would love to see more consistency in the simulation. For instance, i am managing AC Milan and playing against Hellas Verona. In the first simulation, i won with 26-3 shots, then i re-loaded the game to see if i could keep winning against this team. The second simulation, i lost with 7-31 shots. Then, i re-loaded it again the third time, and i won with 36-6 shots In both games, i used same tactics and players. I do not mind if i lose because it happens irl. What i do not get is how sometimes you just get totally owned by small teams. I mean even stat wise is ridiculous imo.
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