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  1. Hi I divided "001_Players" folder into "001_Iniesta and Podolski", "001_New Players" and "001_Original Players". Also, I created "player names + Unique ID check file" (it is csv) . I've already shared it.
  2. Sorry, Did it now. I renamed folder and added check file. I cannot confirm the Brazilian problem. I consider that Brazilian is original player.
  3. Thanks. No, this is how it's supposed to be. "UID:19042340 to UID:86054442 (Kleber [JEF Utd] to Williams Velasquez [JEF Utd])" are Original players. Not affected by editor data. Note: I don't know why, but "Andres Iniesta [Vissel] 1915386510 and Lukas Podolski [Vissel] 1915386632" remain the same.
  4. Thank you very much for the detailed explanations. We ought to use application "plus" (developer : eoe16). Unfortunately, We should manually calculation and check the ID offset. However, "plus" can automatically write xml.file according to the ID offset.
  5. J League Facepack for "FM20 Unlock Japan Level 6 (by Dosukoi & Karin)" or "Japan Level 6(7) Pyramid with U15 and U18 competitions (by Azami_Nene & Dosukoi & Karin)" or "J League Data Pack (v1.0.1 by Karin)" This Facepack includes J League Player and Manager (J-League Div.1,J-League Div.2,J-League Div.3) This Facepack conflict with another editordata. You need to change the UID in this XML file. For instance, if you are using a "Sortitoutsi FM2020 Licensing and Real Name Fix File v1.4", you need to change the UID (+364). (@Sopel explanation was easy to understand.) or Thank you @joe5p (2020/01/15) I'm done checking the Japan Level 6(7) Pyramid. "Unlock Japan Level 6" and "Japan Level 6(7) Pyramid" are using database by J League datapack v1.0.1(developer: karin shiratori). Therefore, the UIDs are common. (2020/01/16) 1.Add ID check file (csv) 2.Rename folder I'm not good at English.I'm sorry if i'm wrong. [Donwload] MediaFire [117MB]
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