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  1. I think the game dynamics need to be tweaked a bit to reduce the negative effect of this type of unhappiness from having their teammates not being registered for Champions League. In modern football, a big club can have 2-3 players ready to fight for a position in the starting line-up and as consequence, some people WILL be left out every season, and having the same problem repeats every year is driving me nuts. There is nothing 'unfair' about meeting requirements of a competition.
  2. I have moved onto the next season, where I have to leave out some players again from the Champions League squad. The left-out player is Federico Valverde. When you hover on the SPT icon on one of his teammates who support him, for example at Sandro Tonali, it shows as supporting Federico Valverde (image one). Then when you point the mouse to the 'treatment' button, it shows as supporting Rene Henriksen. (image two) However when you click Sandro Tonali 'Happiness', - Negatives there are no current concerns (image three). So, is he happy or unhappy? I have uploaded to SI cloud under the name OZEKI_ACMILAN_SPT.fm
  3. So sorry for my mistake. I just finished uploading to SI Cloud Service just now. OZEKI_ACMILAN.fm
  4. I had Ariedo Braida as DoF until he almost retired and I decided to have mutual termination. It took a few weeks before I appointed Pablo Longoria as DoF. During the vacant position period, I might have assigned some staff to take over the role. However, after Pablo Longoria is already appointed, when I clicked the 'Transfers' menu and 'Director of Football', instead of Pablo Longoria, Director Franco Baresi is shown there, as Director of Football (more or less so). Even when I clicked 'Request Dof Suggestion' ... it still make Franco Baresi doing the suggesting. I have uploaded my save game to cloud under OZEKI_ACMILAN.fm
  5. I have just uploaded to the SI cloud of my savegame with the dynamics bug. It's called Milan-START-d.fm Thank you very much
  6. I have the same problem with my AC Milan when I left out several players from the Champions League 2020/2021 squad. I checked the Dynamics screen and it points that some of the teammates are unahppy at the treatment of Rene Henriksen, who doesn't even exist in my database. But when I clicked on the unhappy player 'Happiness' screen. There isn't sign of unhappiness.
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