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  1. Brescia and Lecce aren't doing so hot, are they? Cagliari however seems to be playing brilliant and entertaining football, as much as I've heard. Haven't actually seen a game, though.
  2. Partly right. I usually let my team play an aggresive, tiki-taka-ish type of football. And using that playstyle resulted in the worst outcome, you are definitely right about that. I did, however, change and adapt the tactic accordingly when facing a clear underdog, multiple times. It went so far that I loaded up an older state of the save a couple weeks back, had the team train a more defensive, controlling and counter-avoiding tactic, which didn't do quite a lot aswell. I can only assume that this cannot be attended, after all it isn't only them exploiting our style of football, they just pla
  3. Mr. Butterfield is sure to generate some hefty merch-money with those looks, mhm.
  4. David beating the Giant. The small fry reigning supreme over the big fish. Again. And again. And again... I don't know about you people, but I'm experiencing a lot of "Sunday league team beating Barcelona and friends 11-0"-type scenarios. But only if I play the "big fish" in question. In the Bundesliga, I played Köln as I'm a fan of the club and expected to head straight to demotion brawls. Funny enough, I find myself contesting for the UCL spots again and again. So far so good. But I haven't won a SINGLE game against the top guesses for demotion. Not once. And it conf
  5. I came to FM19 after playing EA's iteration of the game (their FM13 I reckon) for hundreds of hours. It is certainly hard to compare the two, but generally speaking I'd say this FM is much harder than EA's variant was. The choices you make have much more impact and actually knowing what to do is invaluable compared to guessing and just hoping it works. The match engine itself is always proclaimed as being horrendous to some extend, which I don't think. Actually, it is really sold, even though sometimes acting up a bit. And yes, it can be random. Which is great. When have you ever see
  6. Borussia Mönchengladbach, under head coach Marco Rose (named Lukas Almsick im the game for some reason, even after file fixes), is usually playing the diamond with Breel Embolo as a classic number 10. They do rotate positions at times and don't always send two strikers up top as much as I know, but they are damn successful mainly using the 4-4-2 diamond currently.
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